Walnut Ridge, Corning among safest cities in state

WALNUT RIDGE, Ark. – Two of NEA’s communities are listed as among the safest cities in Arkansas.

Safewise.com, featured on Huffington Post, Angie’s List and Mashable, did a report on the safest cities in Arkansas for 2016.

“Arkansas is known for its diamond mines and sparkling safety record. Of its 20 safest cities, 80 percent are back on this list for the second consecutive year,” says SafeWise analyst, Caroline Maurer.

The criteria the company followed was the FBI Crime stats from 2014, along with population data. Communities with under 3,000 population were not counted for the report, along with communities which did not submit a crime report to the FBI.

From there, SafeWise evaluated remaining cities based on numbers of reported violent crimes and property crimes, calculating the likelihood of such an act happening for every 1,000 people living there.

Ranking number 14 was Corning, with 4.07 violent crimes per 1,000 and 17.21 property crimes per 1,000.

Close by at number 16 was Walnut Ridge, with 3.38 violent crimes per 1,000 – less than many on the list above it. Property crime was slightly higher, pushing it down the list, at 19.02 per every 1,000 residents.

Greenbrier was listed as the most safe city in the state, with an astonishing 0.19 violent crimes per 1,000 residents and 1.15 property crimes per 1,000 residents.

To read the SafeWise report and see who else is on the list, click here. 

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