Child struck by motorcycle

A Jonesboro Police Department patrol car. Photo by Stan Morris.

JONESBORO, Ark. – A child ran in front of the path of a motorcycle in Jonesboro but fortunately wasn’t severely injured or killed by the ordeal.

It happened Tuesday morning in Jonesboro, when a motorcyclist, Cody JD Cox, was headed westbound on Johnson Avenue. The Jonesboro Police Department crash report says just west of the intersection at State Street, a father was holding his daughter’s hand while waiting for an opportunity to cross the avenue. When another motorist stopped and waved them across, the 4-year-old, free of the father’s grip somehow, took off running across the road.

This was just as the motorcycle driven by Cox was approaching.

Seeing the child in the road, the driver braked and turned the bike on its left side, skidding with the bike on the pavement. The friction was not enough to stop the momentum and the motorcycle slammed into the 4-year-old, causing her to fly into the air in a westbound direction, the report said.

The driver stated he nearly caught the girl, even as his bike was skidding 72 feet on the pavement.

When police arrived, the father was holding his daughter and, “she was alert and talking,” the officer noted. She was taken to NEA Hospital to be checked. Police observed a 15 foot skid mark from the bike’s rear tire on the right hand lane of westbound traffic, along with gouges in the pavement, seeming to confirm the account of the events given by witnesses.

Cox was found to not be at fault in the motorcycle accident, due to the daughter and father not being in the cross walk, the officer reported. However, Cox was cited for driving on a suspended license.

Many cross undesignated areas on Johnson routinely, including at night.

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