Paint the Town Blue Planned for WBC Homecoming

WALNUT RIDGE, Ark. – Williams Baptist College will celebrate its 75th Anniversary Homecoming on Saturday, Nov. 5, and the community is planning a Paint the Town Blue day in honor of the occasion.  The City of Walnut Ridge and Lawrence County Chamber of Commerce are teaming up on the effort, encouraging businesses to show their support for the college.

Businesses are encouraged to display banners, paint windows and put messages on their signs in honor of WBC’s Homecoming and its 75th Anniversary.

“Lots of alumni, parents and other guests will visit our community Saturday for Homecoming at Williams, and we want to celebrate with them,” said Dina Rose, board chair of the chamber.  “WBC’s Homecoming brings a big influx of visitors, which is great for Lawrence County.  We want them to know they are welcome and appreciated.”

WBC was founded in 1941 and has been celebrating its Diamond Anniversary throughout 2016.  Homecoming is the last major celebration planned this year in honor of the milestone.

“Paint the Town Blue is another great example of our community going above and beyond in showing its support for Williams Baptist College,” said WBC President Tom Jones.  “It makes us all the more proud to be a part of Walnut Ridge and Lawrence County.”

As of January 1, Williams will be officially within Walnut Ridge.  Voters in College City and Walnut Ridge voted in May to consolidate the two towns.

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