Man robbing people at gunpoint at apartments in Jonesboro

JONESBORO, Ark. – Police believe a string of armed robberies this week at several apartment complexes near the Southside Softball Complex in Jonesboro are connected.

So far, Jonesboro Police Department have investigated at least three such incidents from a suspect who seems to be the same individual, based on several reports.

The first was taken Tuesday night after 8 p.m. at the 980 Links Circle, where a woman said she had parked her car, gotten out of it, and walked up to the apartment only to be stopped by an armed robber. She said the man “said some kind of cuss word” to get her to turn around and when she did, he stuck a gun into her stomach.

“Are you serious?” the victim asked the bold robber. Eventually, she gave him her wallet and he ran away, possibly with another accomplice.

The robber would become even bolder the following night.

Police were dispatched to 3 Willow Creek Lane, the Willow Creek Apartments, about someone who was described similarly to police – slender, short, clean-shaven and young. A woman, once again, became the target of the man who pointed a small, black pistol at her and told her to get into the apartment. The girl ran into the apartment and slammed the door on his foot. Then, her dog started barking and biting the suspect, cuasing him to run away.

Walking away empty handed, the man would make another effort later that night.

JPD responded at about 9:30 p.m. Wednesday night to the Links Apartments. The victim told the officer he was walking along the sidewalk beside his apartment when someone snuck up behind him and asked for his wallet. He felt “something” in his back and he turned around, realizing what it was.

The frightened victim described a handgun “like the ones cops carry”in the hands of a slender, 5’8” man who was wearing a hoodie. The victim said the man had a “neutral voice,” asking him for his wallet twice and telling him to hurry.

The reports describe the man as dark-skinned, clean-shaven, shorter than 6’0″ tall. Tuesday night, he was wearing a white shirt. Wednesday night, he wore a black hoodie and green knit beanie. Several suspects described him as “slender.”

If you know this man, he is becoming more dangerous and may get himself or someone else hurt. Call Crimestoppers at 935-STOP to report the incident anonymously.

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