City to host flood insurance meetings

Press Release – Bill Campbell, City of Jonesboro

The City of Jonesboro will host two meetings on flood insurance – one for homeowners and renters, the other for insurance providers, banks and Realtors – on Tuesday, Aug. 30.

National Flood Insurance Program liaison Carl Watts of the Federal Emergency Management Agency will join Jonesboro city engineers and leaders in presenting the meetings, at which residents and stakeholders can learn about flood insurance and the means to obtain it.

“This is critical information that, as we’ve learned through devastating floods, so many in our city need,” Jonesboro Mayor Harold Perrin said. “We are working hard to provide adequate drainage, but the flooding we and other parts of the country are seeing is unprecedented. In case of another flood, many more of our citizens may need to consider insurance coverage.”

Insurance and real estate agents and bankers will meet at 3-4 p.m., while the public meeting is 6:30-8 p.m. Both meetings will be held at the Public Works training room, 2601 Dan Ave.

Agents and bankers will be advised on FEMA changes coming Oct. 1 and given a refresher on April changes and other relevant topics. The meeting for the general public will cover flood risk and protection, as well as the National Flood Insurance Program for homeowners.

Editor’s Note: According to Campbell, this was erroneously reported to be scheduled for Aug. 24, the date of this publication, by some outlets. The date is Aug. 30.

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