Prosecutor warns of high-risk sex offenders in area

SHARP COUNTY, Ark. – Third Judicial District Prosecuting Attorney Henry Boyce is asking for special attention to be paid to two high-risk sex offenders who have relocated to Sharp County.

Henry C. Grandstaff is anticipated to move to Sidney, Ark., while Daryl Richard Malin expected to move to Cave City, Ark.

“In my review of these reports, I found these individuals’ assessments to be so alarming that I feel special attention needs to be given to monitor their behavior in the future as residents of Sharp County,” Boyce wrote in a letter to Sharp County Sheriff Mark Counts.

Boyce also wrote that both have a high likelihood to reoffend.

Grandstaff has a long criminal record, including first degree sexual abuse and numerous battery violations while incarcerated. Malin’s record included sexual assault.




  1. Why let then out then, if highly suggested that they will reoffend, smh crazy now our kids are in danger.

  2. Why in the world were they let out if they are that dangerous and so likely to reoffend? Putting so many lives at risk.

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