Walnut Ridge police add a new and unique officer

WALNUT RIDGE, Ark. – It has been several years since Walnut Ridge Police Department hired a female patrol officer but this changed Friday.

The Honorable Judge Adam Weeks swore in WRPD’s newest patrolman, Jennifer Farber, on Friday. It isn’t her first job in law enforcement, however. Farber previously worked for the State of Arkansas Probation and Parole division for almost eight years, she said.

Police Chief Chris Kirksey said he is proud to add Farber to the force and said the added diversity will only help build his team.

As for Farber, she said she’s a little nervous but she’s very excited.

“I’ve always loved the law enforcement side and I applied to Walnut Ridge Police Department – and they’re giving me a chance, ” Farber said. “I’m just really excited to fill this position. It’s a wonderful police department. I’ve got a lot to learn and a lot to prove but my goal is to work my way up.”

Farber will begin patrolling the streets of Walnut Ridge beginning August 12.

(Photo Source: Walnut Ridge Police Department)


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