Walnut Ridge City Council agenda for August

August 15, 2016

6:00 p.m. Police Complex


Call to Order
Approval of Minutes (July 18, 2016) Pages
Financial Reports Pages
Approval of Bills Pages


Update on 3566 Hwy. 67N property (Nancy Hall) This property was condemned by the council during the June 20th council meeting and a resolution to rehabilitate was also approved and sent to the property owners. Nancy will provide a legal update on the status and possibilities of razing the building.

Update on condemnation and clean-up This will be an update from code officer Justin Reed and will include information on properties being considered for condemnation and properties being targeted for clean up.


Maximum Diesel Service – Sales tax discussion only After Sharon Henson took over the clerk position, she called my attention to a bill from Maximum Diesel. They had not been charging the city sales tax. Since some of the bills impacted were from 2015 and some 2016, I want to have the minutes reflect their billing error and the fact that I plan to authorize payment of the sales tax to them. $584.44 is the total sales tax that hasn’t been billed.

Resolution to move Park Funds This resolution, if passed, will allow Sharon to move funds already appropriated in the 2016 park budget to a new line item that will be used to pay the firm that is going to do the long range planning and design work on Stewart Park. Mechelle Teel-Davis made this presentation on behalf of the park committee last month.

Resolution of support for Park Committee Grant This resolution is needed to allow the park committee to move forward on a grant application. It’s basically a letter saying the council will authorize payment of a matching grant, if the grant for the park is approved. Mechelle is working on cost estimates this week and we will have the figures prior to council meeting.

Ordinance to raise sewer rates – (Jon Kopp) A public meeting has been scheduled for August the 9th at 5 p.m. in the meeting room at the police department to allow for public input on water and sewer rates. This ordinance, if passed will be done on three readings and will set the sewer rate increase in motion. I would also encourage council members to attend the public meeting, but Jon Kopp will attend the council meeting as well as the public meeting, in case questions come up.

Paint Water Tower – (Jon Kopp) discussion only Jon Kopp will explain the process of painting the water tower and why he is recommending painting it before to much longer. Also, is the city willing to pay the price to paint the stripes back on the tower, or change it to a white tower. Jon should be able to provide some cost estimates on the cost of the stripes.

Ordinance to update misuse/abuse of recycling This will amend a current ordinance to outline the misuse of the recycling bin, using it for a trash container.


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