Suspected drug dealer arrested at probationary check

PARAGOULD, Ark. — An alleged drug dealer was arrested on Tuesday after a probation and parole officer found several bags of methamphetamine in his truck, the report said.

Scott Callahan, 44, of Bono, was arrested and charged with felony delivery of meth or SCOTT CALAHAN PHOTOcocaine. The Greene County Sheriff’s Department was notified when during the search of the suspect’s truck at the probation office, a walking cane was found.

It would not be the only item discovered.

Upon closer inspection, according to a report, five small zip lock bags were located which contained crystal methamphetamine. Four of the bags had the amount 3.9 written in black in on them and another had an X on it.

Nothing was found during a home visit search but officers did find several drug related text messages on his cell phone.


Photo source: GCSD

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