Hastings to close in Jonesboro soon

JONESBORO, Ark. – For those who love music, nerd culture, video games and movies, the closure of Hastings in Jonesboro will take one of the most unique shopping options out of people’s lives.

The company, out of Amarillo, Texas, has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy and hoped to stay afloat, according to a statement by company president & COO, Jim Litwak. The goal was unsuccessful, however, and all stores nationwide will be closing.

“At Hastings, our mission has always been to bring our customers a diverse array of entertainment products and collectibles to appeal to many interests,” said Litwak in a press release. “Our hope was that the Chapter 11 process would help to prepare our business for the intended sale while also providing additional protections and financing to allow us to serve our customers as usual. Unfortunately, this process was unsuccessful. We thank our loyal employees and customers and encourage all to take advantage of the incredible savings this sale will offer on the superior selection of multimedia and entertainment products you have come to expect from Hastings.”

The store offers a unique array of items from niche brands with cult-like followings, such as Star Trek, Dr. Who, Harry Potter, and more. Also available are movie and game rentals, musical equipment, comics, clothing, coffee, books, and even strange food. However, with the internet providing the perfect, and inexpensive, marketplace for these types of random purchases, Hastings has found it difficult to continue as a viable business.

Thursday in Jonesboro, one buyer exited the store with several items but complained of the store looking like it was pilfered through and in complete disarray. He said it was too difficult to find any sales. Still, many searched for a final time through the store.


The store is currently offering 10 percent off everything new, 30 percent off everything used and 20 percent off novelty items. Those discounts could increase as the store’s actual closing date nears.

It has not been announced when the Jonesboro location will shut its doors.

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