Medical marijuana makes Nov. ballot

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JONESBORO, Ark. – Residents of The Natural State will have a chance to vote on legalizing marijuana for medicinal purposes this November.

The group Arkansans For Compassionate Care sent out a tweet on Thursday saying they had officially obtained enough signatures to place the measure on the November ballot. 77,516 were reported turn into the Arkansas Secretary of State’s office.

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If passed, the measure would create opportunities for legal use of marijuana for medicinal purposes. Overseen by the Arkansas Department of Health (ADH), it provides for up to 38 initial non-profit Cannabis Care Centers across the state. Administrative costs will be funded by a tax on sales, the group’s website said.

Counties and municipalities will still have the option to reject the centers.

If passed, patients would need a written recommendation from an Arkansas physician before being allowed to buy from a Cannabis Care Center.


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Those living more than 20 miles away from a care center who meet other requirements could also qualify for a Hardship Cultivation Clause allowing them to grow up to five marijuana plants and five seedlings. The area must be enclosed, locked, and registered with ADH.

To read the full measure and find out more information, visit the Arkansans for Compassionate Care website.

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