Gun scare and near riot at Diamond Grill Saturday

JONESBORO, Ark. – A near mob-like scene unfolded at the Diamond Grill on Saturday.

At about 1:30 a.m. Saturday morning, Sergeant Trey Dupuy with Jonesboro Police Department was working off-duty security at the Diamond Grill, 305 North Airport Road in Jonesboro, when he saw up to 30 people run out of the building and begin to argue in the parking lot.

It was then a suspect decided to elevate the conflict.

“I then heard the unmistakable sound of a handgun being racked as to a chamber in the round,” Dupuy wrote in the report. “The suspect then started towards the crowd that was arguing. The suspect was yelling and had the handgun raised at eye level as to be aiming at the crowd.”


Thinking fast, Dupuy drew his weapon and yelled for the suspect to drop the gun. The suspect tossed the gun under the yellow Mustang and tried to walk away, before he was detained.

With other officers responding to the scene, the club emptied out, according to the incident report. Hundreds of people were in the parking lot and as Dupuy wrote, several fights were breaking out. The JPD sergeant decided to begin crowd control measures.

Dupuy grabbed his large Top Cop OC Fogger as officers attempted to break up fights. Some

The type of crowd control measures used by Dupuy.

of the subjects got into their cars only to get back out and begin fighting again, he noted. That’s when Dupuy deployed a two-second burst of the crowd control measure, sending the unruly group fleeing.

Tre’von Lamont Chew, 20, of Blytheville, was arrested. He faces charges of felony aggravated assault and misdemeanor carrying a weapon and disorderly conduct.

A male juvenile, 17, was cited for disorderly conduct.

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