Porch Pirate Strikes in Jonesboro, Multiple Thefts Reported

JONESBORO, Ark. – At least one porch pirate has been stealing packages in Jonesboro, with multiple reports filed this week detailing recent thefts.

One such theft occurred around 11:25 AM on October 31 at the 1500-block of Meltzer Lane. A suspect stole a package after it was delivered. A manila envelope-package containing a 16-inch layered curb chain necklace from Target, valued at less than $13, was stolen. A dark-colored passenger car used by the suspect after stealing the package was observed facing south on Metzler at the time of the package theft.

In another report, packages were reported stolen sometime on October 26 from the 3500-block of Big Creek Cove. Once again, the stolen items weren’t expensive – a children’s book and a coffee mug. A dark-colored passenger vehicle was observed, the report said.

A recent undated photo circulating on social media that originated on a security camera app shows a dark-colored vehicle reported as following a delivery truck around, then subsequently stealing packages.

If you have any information which could stop this crime spree from continuing, contact JPD

Still image from security video of a suspected porch pirate stealing packages off of a porch in Jonesboro. Undated.
Photos courtesy Doug Cousins

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