Police Chase Trespassing Chicken Off of Porch in Jonesboro

Photos courtesy JPD

JONESBORO, Ark. – Law enforcement in Northeast Arkansas has come to expect the unexpected and that’s exactly what two JPD officers recently came into contact with.

On Sunday, a Jonesboro resident came home to find a chicken sitting on the front porch of her apartment. The chicken refused to leave. So, she called emergency dispatchers and requested assistance.

Patrolman Nathan Swindle and Corporal Maurice Kinnard responded to the trespassing chicken. Photos show the hilarity that ensued. Cluck the picture to see the full resolution photos!

The social media post says that officers returned the chicken to its home safe and sound.

JPD’s entertaining Facebook page shared the fun photos Monday morning. Hundreds laugh-reacted to the funny story within minutes.

Cpl. Kinnard’s face tells the entire story as Ptl. Swindle chases after the suspect chicken.
Their faces tell it all! Source: JPD

Correction: Police initially said this happened on Saturday but later updated us that it happened on Sunday. 

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