Greensborough Village Welcomes Divots Golf Lounge to Its Growing Business Community

JONESBORO, Ark. – Greensborough Village continues to grow with the latest announcement of Divots Golf Lounge.

Divots Golf Lounge, owned by Brock and Mandy Bullard, aims to provide a unique golfing experience for residents and visitors of Northeast Arkansas, a release announced Tuesday.

“We are incredibly excited about this announcement for Greensborough Village,” expressed Gary Harpole, Managing Partner and Director of Development for Halsey Thrasher Harpole Real Estate Group. “Divots Golf Lounge perfectly embodies the kind of distinctive business, hospitality, and entertainment establishments that call The Village home. It caters to families, offers unparalleled technological advancements, and provides exceptional service to its members and clients. We couldn’t be more thrilled.”

Owned by Brock and Mandy Bullard, who are not only passionate golf enthusiasts but also loving parents, Divots Golf Lounge represents their shared love for the game and their desire to foster a growing golf community in Jonesboro and the surrounding region. Brock, who has been involved in golf from a young age and played college golf, brings his expertise in the sport. Meanwhile, Mandy developed her passion for golf after visiting TopGolf on a business trip and has been enamored with the game ever since.

Divots Golf Lounge Phase I will feature an 8,000 sq ft climate-controlled indoor golf entertainment and practice facility located at The Village Shoppes in Greensborough Village. It will include six simulator bays powered by TruGolf Apogee and E6 connect, as well as a ProPutt Systems tour-quality putting surface and chipping mats for short game practice. Phase II will see the addition of four more simulator bays.

The facility aims to cater to a diverse range of individuals, including families, casual golfers, and serious golf enthusiasts. Divots Golf Lounge offers opportunities for entertainment, competitive golf leagues, and game improvement through state-of-the-art technology and customized data tracking.

“After months of anticipation, we are thrilled to finally make this announcement,” shared Mandy. “This project is a labor of love for our entire family, fulfilling a shared dream we’ve had for a long time.”

And when Mandy says “entire family,” she means it.

“Even our pets are involved,” Mandy chuckled. “We chose the name Divots because we already have an 11-year-old Calico cat named Divot (it’s Brock’s second cat with that name). Golf is truly a part of our family identity on multiple levels.”

Given their deep-rooted passion for golf, the Bullards have meticulously planned every aspect of Divots Golf Lounge. “We are incredibly fond of Greensborough Village and the community it has become,” stated Brock. “It perfectly aligns with what we aim to create.”

The Bullard family expresses excitement about the opening of Divots Golf Lounge and their dedication to providing a unique golfing experience. They have carefully planned and designed the facility, collaborating with TruGolf, a renowned golf technology company, to ensure a one-of-a-kind experience for golf enthusiasts in Northeast Arkansas.

For more information about Divots Golf Lounge and TruGolf, visit their websites at and

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