Scammers spoofing Greene County sheriff

PARAGOULD, Ark. – The latest scam being perpetrated in NEA involves the criminals pretending to be the authorities.

The Greene County Sheriff’s Office announced the scam in a post to social media on Monday, saying it was brought to their attention that one of the GCSO’s phone numbers, 870-236-7612, has been spoofed and that scammers are calling residents threatening them with arrest if money is not paid.

The scammers are also using the names of legitimate sheriff’s deputies to further their scam.

The Greene County Sheriff’s Office will NOT contact you via phone and threaten you with arrest if you do not pay money to them via cash, card, or gift cards. If you receive such a call, please hang up and go on with your day. If you have elderly neighbors or family members, I would ask that you pass this information to them so that they do no become victimized by these scammers.
If you have any questions or concerns regarding this matter, or any other, feel free to reach out to us.

Sheriff Brad Snyder

Many if not most phone scams involve using phone number spoofing services to hide the true location or identity and often, to appear local to the target. This article from Comparitech, a consumer tech website, details more about how the spoofing is done.

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