Chancellor’s and Dean’s List Students for Summer 2022 are Announced at A-State

JONESBORO – Students on the Chancellor’s and Dean’s Lists for summer 2022 at Arkansas State University have been announced. The lists recognize undergraduate students who achieved the highest grade-point averages while enrolled in a minimum of 12 credit hours of study.

The Chancellor’s List (designated as CL) includes students who earned a perfect GPA of 4.0. The Dean’s List (designated as DL) includes students with a GPA of 3.6 to 3.99. The lists include students enrolled at Campus Queretaro.

Arkansas students are listed by county and hometown, followed by those from other states, then international students by country. Chancellor’s List students are listed first within each city:


Arkansas (Arkansas), DeWitt: Caitlyn Baker, CL

Arkansas (Arkansas), DeWitt: Haley Martin, CL

Arkansas (Ashley), Crossett: Edward Bethea, DL

Arkansas (Baxter), Gassville: Mikalee Hinrichs, CL

Arkansas (Baxter), Gassville: Faye Williams, CL

Arkansas (Baxter), Midway: Zachary Von Thun, DL

Arkansas (Baxter), Mountain Home: Laura Feltz, CL

Arkansas (Baxter), Norfork: Kaitlyn Gardner, CL

Arkansas (Benton), Bentonville: Savannah Autrey, DL

Arkansas (Benton), Rogers: Patricia Rivera, CL

Arkansas (Benton), Siloam Springs: Johnna Winfrey, CL

Arkansas (Boone), Harrison: Katrina Alexander, CL

Arkansas (Boone), Harrison: James Stevens, DL

Arkansas (Carroll), Berryville: Cecilia Doss, CL

Arkansas (Clay), Corning: Jordan Wicker, CL

Arkansas (Craighead), Bay: Amanda Berry, CL

Arkansas (Craighead), Bono: Cassie Watson, CL

Arkansas (Craighead), Brookland: Ashton Chaplain, CL

Arkansas (Craighead), Brookland: Tylan Cox, DL

Arkansas (Craighead), Jonesboro: Jessica Adkins, CL

Arkansas (Craighead), Jonesboro: Ashley Aycock, CL

Arkansas (Craighead), Jonesboro: Morgan Blessing, CL

Arkansas (Craighead), Jonesboro: Christy Breeding, CL

Arkansas (Craighead), Jonesboro: Leslie Burke, CL

Arkansas (Craighead), Jonesboro: Chassidy Carter, CL

Arkansas (Craighead), Jonesboro: Haley Conaway, CL

Arkansas (Craighead), Jonesboro: Kristen Creighton, CL

Arkansas (Craighead), Jonesboro: Lindsey Hall, CL

Arkansas (Craighead), Jonesboro: Kelci Hester, CL

Arkansas (Craighead), Jonesboro: Tera Klipfel, CL

Arkansas (Craighead), Jonesboro: Megan Parker, CL

Arkansas (Craighead), Jonesboro: Brooke Posey, CL

Arkansas (Craighead), Jonesboro: Jessica Saito, CL

Arkansas (Craighead), Jonesboro: Clayton Treat, CL

Arkansas (Craighead), Jonesboro: Jordan Wiseman, CL

Arkansas (Craighead), Jonesboro: Odai Alburaty, DL

Arkansas (Craighead), Jonesboro: Austin Baldridge, DL

Arkansas (Craighead), Jonesboro: Madelynn Banks, DL

Arkansas (Craighead), Jonesboro: Alexander Berry, DL

Arkansas (Craighead), Jonesboro: Madison Bonds, DL

Arkansas (Craighead), Jonesboro: Cade Booker, DL

Arkansas (Craighead), Jonesboro: Whitley Griggs, DL

Arkansas (Craighead), Jonesboro: Thomasina Huggins, DL

Arkansas (Craighead), Jonesboro: Haley Huyck, DL

Arkansas (Craighead), Jonesboro: Madison Mathis, DL

Arkansas (Craighead), Jonesboro: Eric Ramsey, DL

Arkansas (Craighead), Jonesboro: Heather Southe, DL

Arkansas (Craighead), Jonesboro: Hieu Vu, DL

Arkansas (Craighead), Jonesboro: Emma Watkins, DL

Arkansas (Craighead), Jonesboro: Shelby Wooldridge, DL

Arkansas (Craighead), State University: Madalyn Neziri, CL

Arkansas (Craighead), State University: Xinwen Hu, DL

Arkansas (Crittenden), Marion: Samantha Hubbard, CL

Arkansas (Crittenden), Marion: Meredith Miller, CL

Arkansas (Crittenden), Marion: Lynda Patterson, CL

Arkansas (Crittenden), West Memphis: Reagan Rushing, CL

Arkansas (Crittenden), West Memphis: Denishia White-Hayes, CL

Arkansas (Cross), Wynne: Deasha Johnson, DL

Arkansas (Desha), Tillar: Joseph Holland, CL

Arkansas (Faulkner), Conway: Caroline Jones, CL

Arkansas (Faulkner), Conway: Wesley Sutton, CL

Arkansas (Faulkner), Greenbrier: Jacob Kuipers, CL

Arkansas (Faulkner), Vilonia: Ricky Watson, DL

Arkansas (Fulton), Gepp: Kaycee Dunn, CL

Arkansas (Fulton), Salem: Rebecca Lemon, CL

Arkansas (Fulton), Salem: Tyler Conner, DL

Arkansas (Garland), Hot Springs: Jennifer Hare, CL

Arkansas (Garland), Hot Springs: Mandi Robertson, CL

Arkansas (Greene), Paragould: Denise Middleton, CL

Arkansas (Greene), Paragould: Taylor Reddick, CL

Arkansas (Greene), Paragould: Kaitlin Williams, CL

Arkansas (Greene), Paragould: Kellie Baldwin, DL

Arkansas (Greene), Paragould: Laura Bass, DL

Arkansas (Greene), Paragould: Kaylee Pillow, DL

Arkansas (Hot Spring), Malvern: Crystal Millspaugh, CL

Arkansas (Independence), Batesville: Denisse Halford, CL

Arkansas (Independence), Batesville: Alanna Lee, CL

Arkansas (Independence), Batesville: Charlotte Rice, CL

Arkansas (Independence), Bradford: Gale Crow, CL

Arkansas (Independence), Cave City: Ally Moye, CL

Arkansas (Independence), Southside: Allison Garrett, CL

Arkansas (Independence), Sulphur Rock: Madison Denham, CL

Arkansas (Izard), Calico Rock: Virginia Pharis, CL

Arkansas (Jackson), Newport: Caitlin Mueller, CL

Arkansas (Jackson), Newport: Jacob Keefe, DL

Arkansas (Jefferson), White Hall: Tiffany Jynes-Ventry, CL

Arkansas (Jefferson), White Hall: Kaylin Schrantz, DL

Arkansas (Jefferson), White Hall: Ariel Wallace/Pruitt, DL

Arkansas (Johnson), Clarksville: Christina Mize, CL

Arkansas (Lawrence), Imboden: Skylia Lester, CL

Arkansas (Lawrence), Walnut Ridge: Candis Winfrey, DL

Arkansas (Little River), Ashdown: Kathryn Day, CL

Arkansas (Little River), Ashdown: Ambrea Murphy, DL

Arkansas (Lonoke), Austin: Tamara Towns, CL

Arkansas (Lonoke), Austin: Jade Anschultz, DL

Arkansas (Lonoke), Austin: Lolita Hackworth, DL

Arkansas (Lonoke), Cabot: Jordan Wyant, DL

Arkansas (Lonoke), Carlisle: Char Sullivan, CL

Arkansas (Lonoke), Lonoke: Conya Spencer, DL

Arkansas (Miller), Texarkana: Alicia Barnett, CL

Arkansas (Miller), Texarkana: Kelsi Petross, CL

Arkansas (Mississippi), Blytheville: Chelsey Garris, CL

Arkansas (Mississippi), Blytheville: Sarah Kelly, DL

Arkansas (Mississippi), Blytheville: China McChristian, DL

Arkansas (Mississippi), Manila: Daley Belew, CL

Arkansas (Monroe), Clarendon: Tyler Ford, DL

Arkansas (Nevada), Prescott: Kimberly Formby, DL

Arkansas (Nevada), Prescott: Axaria Marshall, DL

Arkansas (Ouachita), Camden: Ashleigh Gregory, CL

Arkansas (Poinsett), Trumann: Haley Carter, CL

Arkansas (Poinsett), Trumann: Alena Ovchinnikova, DL

Arkansas (Polk), Mena: Chelsee Shores, DL

Arkansas (Prairie), Hazen: Haden Weems, CL

Arkansas (Prairie), Ward: Michaela Pearrow, DL

Arkansas (Pulaski), Cammack Village: Brennan Henson, DL

Arkansas (Pulaski), Jacksonville: Scheryl Gayden, DL

Arkansas (Pulaski), Little Rock: Ashley Evans, CL

Arkansas (Pulaski), Little Rock: Yeeun Park, CL

Arkansas (Pulaski), Maumelle: Jaila Brown, DL

Arkansas (Pulaski), Maumelle: Brittany Cane, DL

Arkansas (Pulaski), North Little Rock: Renae Brown, CL

Arkansas (Pulaski), Sherwood: Stacy Hisel, CL

Arkansas (Pulaski), Sherwood: Brooke Smothers, CL

Arkansas (Pulaski), Sherwood: Laura Harris, DL

Arkansas (Randolph), Maynard: Amber Manning, CL

Arkansas (Randolph), Pocahontas: Jared Baltz, CL

Arkansas (Randolph), Pocahontas: Drue Krauss, CL

Arkansas (Randolph), Pocahontas: Rachel Blackwell, DL

Arkansas (Randolph), Pocahontas: Gage Guthrie, DL

Arkansas (Saint Francis), Hughes: Dorothy Jackson, DL

Arkansas (Saint Francis), Madison: Brihanna Ware, CL

Arkansas (Saline), Alexander: Lisa King, CL

Arkansas (Saline), Alexander: Melanie Miller, DL

Arkansas (Saline), Benton: Brandi Adams, CL

Arkansas (Saline), Benton: Amanda Crosby, DL

Arkansas (Sebastian), Fort Smith: Clayton Allen, CL

Arkansas (Sharp), Ash Flat: Nathaniel Wright, DL

Arkansas (Van Buren), Shirley: Joshua Azar, CL

Arkansas (Washington), Farmington: Mallory Cochran, CL

Arkansas (Washington), Fayetteville: Kassy Samples, CL

Arkansas (Washington), Springdale: Whitney Altemeier, CL

Arkansas (Washington), Springdale: Bailey Sexton, CL

Arkansas (Washington), Springdale: Elizabeth Waggoner, CL

Arkansas (Washington), Springdale: Dillon Hobby, DL

Arkansas (White), Bald Knob: Sabrina Inman, DL

Arkansas (White), Beebe: Cassie Horn, CL

Arkansas (White), Beebe: Latoya Simpson, CL

Arkansas (White), Beebe: Brittney Witty, CL

Arkansas (White), El Paso: Lindsey Woodham, CL

Arkansas (White), Mount Vernon: Kristina Dovers, DL

Arkansas (White), Searcy: Latisha Bird, CL

Arkansas (White), Searcy: Carlie Burruss, CL

Arkansas (White), Searcy: Aleigha Smith, CL

Arkansas (White), Searcy: Lauren Crews, DL

Arkansas (White), Searcy: Mason Murphy, DL


California (Riverside), Norco: Robert Virgil, DL

California (San Diego), San Diego: Kayla Dills, CL


Georgia (Catoosa), Fort Oglethorpe: Casey Edds, DL


Illinois (Madison), Maryville: Amber Keplar, CL


Louisiana (Natchitoches), Campti: Kaylee Waters, CL


Maryland (Caroline), Federalsburg: James Jackson, DL


Mississippi (Desoto), Hernando: April Patten, DL

Mississippi (Desoto), Southaven: Jacqueline Meraz, CL

Mississippi (Desoto), Southaven: LaTonya McNeal, DL

Mississippi (Forrest), Hattiesburg: Jamal Sampson, CL

Mississippi (Hancock), Diamondhead: Aaron Jones, DL

Mississippi (Tate), Coldwater: Hannah Howard, CL

Mississippi (Washington), Greenville: Allison Duthu, DL


Missouri (Buchanan), Saint Joseph: Mitchell Wagner, DL

Missouri (Butler), Poplar Bluff: Sarah Sullivan, CL

Missouri (Butler), Poplar Bluff: Alexis Vaughn, CL

Missouri (Howell), Caulfield: Leigha Lashley, CL

Missouri (Jefferson), Imperial: Blakeli Holdenried, CL

Missouri (Mississippi), Charleston: Dawson Snider, DL

Missouri (New Madrid), Parma: Kyra Nelson, CL

Missouri (New Madrid), Portageville: Amie Miller, DL

Missouri (Oregon), Myrtle: Taylor Broyles, CL

Missouri (Saint Charles), Saint Charles: Jacob Koehler, CL

Missouri (Saint Charles), Wentzville: Justin Wagner, DL

Missouri (Scott), Oran: Allison Shoemaker, DL

Missouri (Stoddard), Dexter: Tana Lawrence, DL

North Carolina

North Carolina (Randolph), Asheboro: Laquandra Nicholson, DL


Pennsylvania (Warren), Russell: Ryan Landers, CL


Tennessee (Madison), Jackson: Alesa Parks, CL

Tennessee (Shelby), Arlington: Olivia Luther, CL

Tennessee (Shelby), Bartlett: Elizabeth Harrison, CL

Tennessee (Shelby), Bartlett: Autumn Montgomery, CL

Tennessee (Shelby), Bartlett: Curtisha Miller, DL

Tennessee (Shelby), Lakeland: Taylor Ocampo, CL

Tennessee (Shelby), Memphis: Kimberly Pratcher, DL

Tennessee (Shelby), Memphis: Tracy Willis, DL

Tennessee (Williamson), Franklin: Jennifer Hill, CL


Texas (Bexar), Converse: Madison Galemore, DL

Texas (Dallas), Coppell: Kiersten Hechanova, CL

Texas (Denton), Little Elm: Garret Gallagher, DL

Texas (Tarrant), Benbrook: Cameron Berger-Kline, CL


Wisconsin (Columbia), Columbus: Jason Stapelmann, CL

International and Abroad

Japan, Yokohama: Maika Saito, CL

Mexico, Corregidora: Iker Aragón Concha, CL

Mexico, Edomex: Andrea Giovanna Aguirre Pérez, CL

Mexico, Mexico City: Alejandra Gutiérrez Cortés, CL

Mexico, Mexico City: Maximiliano Vargas Mendiola, CL

Mexico, Uruapan: Glenda Paulet Pérez Ochoa, CL

South Korea (Rep. of Korea), Mokpo-Si: A Yeong Park, CL

South Korea (Rep. of Korea), Sejong-si: Hye Chung, CL

United Arab Emirates, Dubai: Kesia Brown, DL

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