Jonesboro ranks No. 1 in Arkansas for growth, affordable housing

Jonesboro is ranked first in Arkansas and No. 57 nationally in a study of affordable home costs combined with population growth.

The study, performed by LendEDU, a website that compares financial products, started with the 1,000 fastest growing cities larger than 25,000 population. It then ranked them according to home costs, including mortgage and utility prices.

“I’d like to say this surprises me, but it doesn’t,” Jonesboro Mayor Harold Perrin said. “We have proven to be an attractive location for so many reasons that we sometimes take for granted.

“But it speaks to our resources, both natural and human, that we can keep home prices largely affordable. Along with good schools, churches and safety, that goes a long way with people.”

Jonesboro ranked above Siloam Springs (No. 70 nationally) in Arkansas and between No. 56 Palm Bay, Florida, and No. 58 Muscle Shoals, Alabama, among the ranking of 1,000 cities nationwide. You can find the rankings and methodology at

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  1. HAHAHAHAHA!!! Another load of BS. Anybody living here who is not not batshit crazy knows it’s just another huge like from the liberal lunatics. We’ve hosted a lot of visitors from other states and countries and 100% of them are appalled at the poverty and lack of law and order and amazed at how the town is divided between the very wealthy and the remainder of the population being poor and poorly educated, mannerless, and amoral.

    • THANK YOU, realitypill!!! I have seen so very few people in Jonesboro who will actually tell the truth about anything at all, let alone what a crap hole the place is, but you summed it up really well. Ignorant people led by their noses by rotten liberal politicians keeping poor people poor and fillng their own pockets.

  2. The housing is not “affordable”. It is extremely high compared to the income of many. I saw rent hikes twice this last year with “fair condition” apartments renting at around $850 per month. That is ridiculous. And Jonesboro is full of slumlords. High rents, poor maintenance, a lack of updates. And real estate in general is over-inflated and so are property taxes. I’ve been looking for an affordable rental in a “safer” neighborhood or 2 years with no luck. I just see the same old places in the same bad neighborhoods come available over and over again. Jonesboro needs a lot more housing, and affordable housing. Landlords are hoping to take advantage of the college students. Jonesboro lacks good safe housing for the disabled and elderly. There needs to be rent controls, and high standards for “condition” of any rental unit. Clean it up Jonesboro. You are doing so many things right, but this is one area you are severely lacking in giving attention to. Creating more jobs doesn’t work if there are not good places to live.

    • Right on, Sheila! There are no safe neighborhoods in Jtown any more. The mayor and other privileged liberal turds command all the police protection they want and nobody else matters to them.

  3. That’s bullshit, more like Jonesboro ranks No. 1 in the highest crime rate in Arkansas. How the in the hell can someone say what’s what in a city if they don’t live in it and see whats happening everyday?

  4. Last year I sought an affordable house here in Methboro. I chose homes that rented for around $500-600 a month. I did find three and each one looked like something you’d see in a post apocalypse movie! Seriously, and the cheapest was just off of johnson, and had roughly about 600 square feet.Also , no matter where you look, North, south, east, or west of town, you’ll still be in the hood! Craighead county itself is a ghetto, and even the better neighborhood’s are harboring thugs and drug dealers!

    • Right again, Tired — between the administration and the greedy landlords it’s just getting worse, too. You’ve got some determined to make every neighborhood ghetto, part of the liberal agenda to turn America into the third-world country they think they will own.

  5. Jonesboro is a great town. If you think the crime is bad here you have no idea what you are talking about. Rent is not that high so you gotta pay a little more for a nice place. This is not 1985.

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