April 16: 1,620 cases in Arkansas to date; 37 have died

On Wednesday, the first death in Craighead County from COVID-19 was reported by The Sun and Region 8 News. 

1:30 PM 

Confirmed cases in Arkansas: 1,620

Deaths: 37

Recoveries: 548

Hospitalizations: 85

Active cases: 1,035

Total Tested: 22,675

Source: ADH

2 PM 

NEA County Numbers:

  • Randolph County: 9 positive, 7 recoveries, 165 negative
  • Clay County: 1 positive, 0 recoveries, 70 negative
  • Cleburne County: 70 positive, 42 recoveries, 114 negative, 4 deaths
  • Craighead County: 40 positive, 19 recoveries, 385 negative, 1 death
  • Crittenden County: 122 positive, 30 recoveries, 642 negative, 4 deaths
  • Fulton County: 0 positive, 0 recoveries, 22 negative
  • Greene County: 6 positive, 3 recoveries, 345 negative
  • Independence County: 6 positive, 4 recoveries, 68 negative
  • Jackson County: 1 positive, 0 recoveries, 31 negative
  • Lawrence County: 12 positive, 0 recoveries, 110 negative, 1 death
  • Mississippi County: 8 positive, 6 recoveries, 52 negative
  • Sharp County: 2 positives, 1 recoveries, 20 negative
  • Don’t see your county? Click here to find it on ADH’s map.

1:30 PM 

United States: 648,788 positive

30,920 have died.

Global: 2,078,277 positive

140,371 have died.

Source: Johns Hopkins University

8:00 AM 

New Arkansas cases by date

With help from Dr. Pat Carroll, D.D.S., NEA Report has begun to track new cases added by each date. So as not to skew the results, we’re also tracking how many new tests have been performed each date.

Updated April 15. Courtesy Dr. Pat Carroll.

Finally, we’re tracking new cases in Arkansas in addition to currently active cases.

Updated April 15. Courtesy Dr. Pat Carroll.

5 million more go on unemployment

Over 5 million new jobless claims announced Thursday for the past week brings the losses up to 22 million jobs so far, since the coronavirus outbreak shut down the economy. Some estimate the unemployment rate will surge to nearly 16-percent by July – worse than any point during the Great Depression. Read more from the USA Today.

Trump to release guidelines on reopening economy

On Wednesday, the president announced he would be releasing guidelines today to suggest to states when they might reopen their economies. President Trump said some states can probably “open up” before May 1, while others may have longer waits. Read more from CBS News.

Facebook to alert users about coronavirus misinformation

With a litany of pseudo-experts sharing their limited understanding of COVID-19 across social media, usually to the tune that it ‘isn’t so bad,’ Facebook announced Thursday it would begin directing users who had interacted with coronavirus misinformation to the World Health Organization’s website. The alert won’t identify what post was misinformation, which sometimes reinforces misinformed beliefs, Facebook said. Read more from NBC News.

This article will be updated throughout the day on Thursday, April 16, 2020. Check back and refresh for the latest updates.

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