BRTC chooses the black hawk as new mascot

POCAHONTAS, Ark. – Black River Technical College in Pocahontas announced on Monday it had chosen a new mascot.

The black hawk was announced as the new mascot during a ceremony Monday morning at the college. A round of applause and cheers followed the announcement by Hadley Rose, Student Government President.


“Let us take you under our wing to help you soar.” One of the slides read.

The black hawk was described as a spirit animal that represents flying higher in life and achieving greater understanding.

Some of the potential mascot ideas were also shown during the presentation. Suggested names included, for males, Ruger, Talon, Gaines, Thunder, Wingo, Hudson, and Hawk. Female name suggestions were Grace, Artemis, Pocahontas, and Angel.

“A mascot should embody the way a school identifies itself,” said Kelly Grooms, long-time fine arts instructor at BRTC. “That identity has a huge potential for building morale and strengthening pride. The perfect fit is when the identity of the institution shares traits with its mascot that are easily recognized by faculty, staff, students, and the public at large.”

Grooms said the black hawk represented the perseverance and “hawkish” nature of the Randolph County community. He passionately feels it will represent the “resilient little institution.”

Always meeting the challenges presented to the area, the hope is that the residents will take to the new mascot just as warmly as the faculty and students did at Monday’s announcement.

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Learn more about the black hawk from Audubon

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