Driver takes out several mailboxes in late night drive

Photo courtesy USPS

JONESBORO, Ark. – Someone out for a joyride early Thursday morning took out at least three mailboxes in Craighead County.

It happened on County Road 912, along the 3400-block. Around 2 AM, one of the homeowners heard a boom. When he went outside later that morning after sunrise, he noticed what the sound was. His mailbox was knocked over. Not only his, though.

At least two other addresses on the road had mailboxes plowed over.

Craighead County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Jeania Byrd made note of what appeared to have happened.

“You could see markings in the gravel where a vehicle had come around the curve, lost control, and struck the mailboxes,” Byrd reported.

Extra patrols will be in the area for speeders.

If you happened to know of who might have been the person behind the wheel, authorities would enjoy you sharing that information with them. Call 870-933-4551 for the CCSO.

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