Patients being hired to train doctors

NYITCOM Hiring Standardized Patients To Help Train Future Doctors

 JONESBORO, AR – New York Institute of Technology College of Osteopathic Medicine-Arkansas is accepting applications for Standardized Patients, a part-time position that helps student doctors converse with and diagnose patients through non-invasive medical examinations.

“Standardized Patients play a key role in training our student doctors,” said Matt Charnetski, NYITCOM’s Director of Simulation Learning.  “We can provide our medical students with all the information in the world, but if they’re unable to properly communicate with a patient, they won’t be able to successfully put their training into practice. That’s where Standardized Patients come in.”

Standardized Patients are individuals who have been trained to portray a patient in a medical situation. Selected candidates will be trained to simulate symptoms and illnesses for routine medical student examinations, undergo practice physical examinations, assess clinical skills of participating medical students and provide feedback to student doctors.

“Our campus includes 10 rooms that are set up just like a medical clinic,” said Charnetski said. “Our Standardized Patients are stationed in those rooms and are given a script that includes a set of symptoms that they communicate to the student doctor.  It’s a role-playing scenario that requires the student doctor to ask the right questions to properly diagnose the case the Standardized Patient presents.”

The controlled situations provide opportunities to ask difficult questions of their patients and deliver diagnoses that may not be favorable.

“Physicians routinely have to ask patients about drug history or abusive relationships, and unfortunately, they’re often required to deliver bad news,” Charnetski said. “By using Standardized Patients, we’re able to simulate those conversations to give our medical students practical learning opportunities in a clinical environment.”

Charnetski emphasized that the examinations are fairly routine and non-invasive.

“Standardized Patients do not participate in any procedures other than basic examinations, like listening to heart and lung sounds,” Charnetski said. “They’re mostly about allowing our student doctors to communicate with a person, make a diagnosis and deliver feedback.”

Standardized Patients must be 18 years or older and eligible to work in the United States. They must have access to email correspondence and excellent interpersonal communication skills. Standardized Patients are paid $14/hour.  Hours are based on many factors.  All Standardized Patients are considered temporary part-time employees with flexible schedules depending on case demographics and availability.

To apply for a Standardized Patient position, candidates can click here or email Amber Gibson at

About NYITCOM – Arkansas:

New York Institute of Technology College of Osteopathic Medicine-Arkansas is dedicated to improving access to health care for the underserved and rural populations in Arkansas and the Mississippi Delta Region. Arkansas ranks 48th in overall population health status due to low health indicators including obesity and number of adults who smoke. The state also ranks 46th in the number of active physicians per capita and 39th in the number of primary care physicians. NYITCOM – Arkansas was established in 2016 with the mission of meeting the need for more physicians in this medically underserved area.


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