Fatal police shooting in Rector happens on Facebook Live

RECTOR, Ark. – A tragic incident unfolded Wednesday evening at the intersection of Highway 49 and Highway 90 in Rector, Arkansas and it was seen on Facebook Live.

A deranged man carrying a gun, aiming it at people and firing off rounds was shot and killed by police after he appeared to lunge toward the officer. The officer only fired once and then risked gunshot to grab the weapon from the man and disarm him.

Unfortunately, the Clay County coroner was called to the scene, Region 8 News reported.

A man was filming on Facebook Live throughout the entire incident. He watched authorities wait patiently as the man fires off several rounds and then paces frantically around the intersection. After about 15 minutes into the video, the fatal shooting happens.

Arkansas State Police will investigate the incident, as is routine during police-involved shootings.

ASP released this statement late Wednesday.

A Rector man was shot and killed by local police today outside a convenience store located at Main Street and U.S. Highway 49.
The suspect gunman involved in the armed conflict with police has been identified as Gary Warbritton, 21, of Rector.
At 3:47 PM the Rector Police Department was notified of a man walking along Main Street brandishing a firearm.  As police arrived in the area, the suspect, now identified as Warbritton, reportedly pointed the gun at a police officer who fired his gun at Warbritton.
Warbritton fled the area and led police to the convenience store where officers reportedly attempted to persuade him to drop the firearm.  Warbritton, again, pointed his gun at police, prompting one officer to fire his gun.  Warbritton was pronounced dead at the scene.  Police were not injured.
Special Agents of the Arkansas State Police Criminal Investigation Division are investigating the use of deadly force by police.  An investigative file will be prepared and turned-over to the prosecuting attorney to determine whether the use of deadly force by police was consistent with Arkansas laws.
Questions that may relate to the identity of the officers involved in the shooting, or their administrative status, should be directed to the Rector Police Department.
Warbritton’s body will be transported to the Arkansas State Crime Laboratory for purposes to identify the manner and cause of death and collect forensic evidence.


  1. Kait8 freaking sucks they would never show stuff like this “you know real newsworthy stories”.

  2. The officers placed their lives on the line to protect the citizens of Rector and to give Gary many chances to put the gun down. I have known Gary since he was A little boy, he called me grandma and my heart went out to him but my heart also goes out to the officer who was forced to take that fatal shot. He tried so hard to stop Gary and to keep him alive placing his own life in danger. We need more of these officers around.

    • No we do not the officer had more than enough opportunities to take the gun n arrest Gary the officer also had the gun pointed at him Gary had all rights it was self defense on Gary’s part.

      • Really? why say such a thing? sign up for the Police Academy, by the way there were several there trying to talk to Gary…not police officers but friends and family who were in fear of him, did any of them approach? Don’t say stuff like that, keyboard cowgirl

      • That statement is total BS…. The officers tried many times to get him to drop the gun. This officer is a HERO for putting his life on the line!! God bless this officer, and to all the people in Blue!!!

    • I think the officer went far beyond what he could have … he certainly gave the fellow ample opportunity to lay it down and only fired when he was forced to protect himself . I also commend the officer for not shooting him again but choose to tackle him instead even with the guy raising the weapon to shoot him . I don’t know either of the two so my opinion is totally unbiased and also is just that … my opinion !

  3. Your wrong and you know it was Gary choice but he came with the gun knowing that would happen it’s sad that it is .

  4. Does anybody not realize that it doesn’t say anywhere in any fucking report that Gary never even shot!! They killed him for pointing his gun

  5. Look here I’m family and I promise on everything that my cousins killer will be brought to Justice he killed him for no reason beside pointing the gun that’s all. I promise that bastard is going down for killing my cousin.

    • Police don’t have to wait until they are shot before shooting back. It was stupid on Gary’s part to point a gun at police officers. They are in a lawful position of authority — Gary was not. When they gave him a lawful order to put the gun down, he is obligated BY LAW to put the gun down. This isn’t a request. It’s a lawful order vested in them by the state of Arkansas. Instead, he chose to do the opposite. He chose to challenge their lawful authority by pointing a gun at them. What were they supposed to do while he was pointing a gun at them? Especially after he’d already shot at them before. Keep their guns in their holsters? You seem to be as logically-challenged as Gary was. In fact, Gary was so stupid he actually got smarter the moment he passed away. And by your asinine comment, stupidity appears run in your defective, inbred family genes. People! Don’t be a Dannielle and don’t be a Gary.

      • Motherfucker the hell is wrong with you cunt and talking about inbred bitch he wasnt inbred and its probably you and ur fucked up retarded ass family thats inbreded you stupid fucking retard you need to get somewhere else with that shit motherfucker before you and your family get blast. Next time watch ur fucking inbreded mouth of urs or I’m going to send the mob after you and ur whole family bitch and we will see how much of an asshole you can be before I fucking finish you and ur whole generation of family members

      • Fuck you. Piece of shit. Gary was a kind and caring person. He was and is a hell of a lot smarter than you. And unlike you he will be loved and missed by all who known him. That officer didntbhave to shoot him . if gary wad going to shoot the police then why did it take 15 mins . and I dont know about you but the only people I heard taking any shots was the officer. And real classy of you going after his family who are hurting the most in all of this. Your the real piece of shit inbred. Because only a inbred piece of shit would attack a hurting family. You need the shit kicked out of you. Your nothing but a coward hidding behind your keyboard.

      • Do you know how many family members are reading your stupid statement? We are not a bunch of inbreds and are smarter than you’ll ever be so stop disrespecting our family member. We’re were you when this went down NO WHERE and DIDN’T CARE. So shut up and do yourself a favor by doing it!!

      • Bitch that my bro your talking to u could have bagged on her without bagging on the dead.He had problems going on in his life but that doesn’t give you the right to disrespect the dead come on br………

    • I know your upset,but what did you expect the cops to do.they gave him every chance.he was a danger to everyone.the cops are not at fault and you know that.

  6. The fuck you talking about asshole that damn rent a cop aint no god damn hero he’s a fucking bitch the only real heros are the ones on tour and fuck the 12 their just some asshole that think they got the power to do anything they please and fuck you dumb cunt and ALL THE PEOPLE IN BLUE

    • First of all, you know nothing about me, but I know more about you just from reading your posts. Just so you know, I spent 34 years serving MY country. From Vietnam to Iraq and every thing in between. Our troops are Hero’s too. So you want to call people names, just shows how mature you really are.

  7. If this “Gary” person was the “kind hearted” person you say he was, a lot of justice you are doing him on here by using such profanity and foul language. I’m sure you’re making your family so proud. And honestly, maybe you are! Maybe that’s how you want your family to be presented but don’t expect people to respect you. While I know you all must be hurting, this is by no means the way to express your pain. Please understand that the women and men in blue pit their lives on the line every day to protect us. They don’t do it for the money, I can promise you that. Most do it because it has been laid upon their hearts to serve and protect their communities. My condolences go out to ALL involved. Please don’t make excuses for someone running the streets waving a gun around. This is 2018 and he knew when he stepped out with that gun that people weren’t going to smile and wave. There were women and children present during this. He put everyone’s safety at great risk that day. That cop would have every right to have taken action from behind a baracade but instead, risked his life by standing only a few feet away while attempting to negotiate with this young man. This officer was not out to kill that day, but it seems Gary was. Don’t blame the cop for doing what he had to do to protect the people. It’s not fair. He has to live with this now and did not ask to. Gary didnt realize the trauma he was to cause.. this cop tried for over 15 minutes to persuad the gunman to disarm himself and he didnt have too! If you lunge and point your gun at someone a foot away, you better believe someones going down. I have great respect for the cop that handled that dangerous situation!! Thank you for serving and protecting.. <3

  8. My goodness, look at these post in here. What a load of vile and ignorant filth. You Warbrittons have proven too all of us that you truly are a ignorant bunch, with your moronic post in here. You Warbrittons exhibit all the signs of border line mental retardation, low I.Q.’s and a lack of any type of education. Can none of you converse in a civil and intelligent way? I suppose the people that live in a civilized society need to be grateful that the Police helped thin out, the Warbritton defective gene pool, the day Gary was shot.

    • Come on bro…..
      Respect the dead….
      Your doing exactally what your accusing everyone else of done.
      Just because you don’t like what’s being said doesn’t mean you have to disrespect the grieving fam or the dead.Can you honestly say you know the warbrittons personally or just what you hear….

  9. Look again pigs he never pointed the gun at Turner and he didn’t lung he took a step toward him hands down and Turner turned bitch and shot that poor kid how can that be fucking justified they could of taken him down he was scared after he got shot that’s why he pointed his gun at that punk fucking cop I have freedom of speech and was gave two more months to live anyway so that’s my opinion and I also have to say I was in jail there with a man who got 30years for the same thing and same sanary I hope that the Lord takes something from you the same way fucking scary ass bitch cop and he was not ten feet away he was only arms reach from him another inecent kid taking from the law and gets away with it but burning in hell will serve him best for his actions that day and sorry to my homie Blake rip to his other brother Garrett mother fucking evers go figure yal took two away from his family not saying any kind of threats but the Lord will justify TURNERS ass

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