Child in CPR video has passed away

JONESBORO, Ark. – The child who was being worked on by Jonesboro police in a video from September 2 has tragically passed away.

The infant was struck by a vehicle around 6:30 PM Sunday evening in Jonesboro. The officer who responded, Keith Baggett, can be seen in the video giving CPR to the infant child as adults in the background cry and plea for the child’s life.

Authorities in Craighead County learned the child died on Tuesday, Chief Deputy Coroner Milton Harbison told NEA Report. The child had been taken to Le Bonheaur Children’s Hospital in Memphis.for treatment following the injuries sustained in Jonesboro. The exact time/date of death was not available because the child passed outside of Harbison’s jurisdiction.

The driver, 20, told police she was driving at 6:30 PM Sunday evening with the sun blocking part of her vision in the roadway. She said she moved over to the center of the street (name redacted in the police report) and saw several adult women and children playing. She said she slowed down but it wasn’t enough to stop the tragedy from happening.

The young child ran out into the street, the driver told police. She struck him with her right front bumper. The force from the impact caused his head to strike the pavement, fracturing his skull, the report said, along with other injuries.

Our most sincere thoughts and condolences are with the family during this tragic time.

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