Man held for kidnapping and rape is ID’d by victim but denies knowing her

Suspect posted at least nine times on Facebook between Monday and his arrest (see below)

PARAGOULD, Ark. – A suspect is in custody as Greene County authorities investigate a reported kidnapping and rape from Monday. The man asserts he does not know the woman.

Monday, August 13

A woman reported being raped and abducted at knife-point from Highway 34 and Greene County Road 618. A time was not specified in the report. She told authorities she was backing out of her driveway when she realized a man was sitting behind her in the back floorboard. She said he put a knife to her neck and told her to drive, giving her directions, and telling her that if he did not turn where he told her to, he would “cut her fucking throat.”

She said they stopped at Greene County Road 131 and he made her get out of the vehicle. After being forced to walk into the woods approximately 175 yards off of the gravel, she said she was taken to the bottom of a gully next to a large log and brush top.

This is where she said the suspect tore her clothing off and raped her. She said she fought back but he penetrated her “at least two times.” The suspect continued holding her down to the ground with his hand around her neck “in an attempt to keep her from seeing him,” the incident report said.

It was then an unexpected event interrupted the reported criminal act.

She said she heard several gunshots being fired in the background, causing the suspect to hesitate. She began to scream for help, advising police she could hear leaves crunching as if he were running away. She remained there for a few minutes before she sat up and attempted to regain her composure. Then, after not knowing where she was, she said she looked up the hill and realized the sun was glaring off of the window of her vehicle. She made her way back to it and drove a short distance south to a residence where she flagged someone down to help.

The woman was transported to Arkansas Methodists Medical Center in Paragould. At the same time, Greene County Sheriff’s Department located the crime scene and found her clothing along with a large black-handled knife. Evidence was photographed and collected

The victim was interviewed but unable to provide specific details. The report said this was due to the trauma.

Tuesday, August 14

At 7:35 AM, the GCSD notified the public on Facebook while noting the victim had not yet been able to describe the suspect. Almost 5,000 people have shared it as of this publication.

Authorities returned to interview the victim after being released from the Crisis Center. She was able to give more details of the events.

During this time, the incident report said the sheriff’s department began searching for persons of interest “which lived in her neighborhood along with other registered sex offenders in the surrounding area of her residence.” Photos of some possible suspects were obtained.

Wednesday, August 15

The victim called Detective Kenneth Womack on Wednesday and told him she was able to remember more details about the incident. After she requested a meeting, the detective showed her four different photographs.

The first time she saw the photograph of Steven Henderson, she immediately stated, “that is the guy.” She began to cry uncontrollably while embracing her mother, the report described. A few minute later, she went into two epileptic seizures. An ambulance was requested.

Thirty minutes later, she regained her composure and spoke again to the detective. He asked if she was 100-percent sure this was the suspect.

“I am 150 percent sure that is the man that raped me,” the victim said.

Probable cause was found to take Henderson into custody and bring him in for questioning. Sources indicate he was questioned Wednesday.

Thursday, August 16

As is part of the judicial process before charges are filed, a judge found probable cause to detain Henderson. He has NOT been charged yet, although this is erroneously being reported in other media outlets (a district prosecutor always files felony charges). He is detained and facing possible charges including felonies for rape, kidnapping, aggravated assault, terroristic threatening (first degree), breaking or entering, and misdemeanor battery (third degree).

The judge set Henderson’s bond at $1 million.

KAIT reported Henderson told the judge he did not know who the victim was when given the no contact order.

More About The Suspect

Steven Kyle Henderson, 31, lives in Paragould. His Facebook page indicates he is a practitioner of mixed-martial arts, holding a purple-belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. The combat form specializes in ground control and having control while exerting minimal energy over an opponent.


Henderson’s Facebook page also shows activity in between the reported rape and his arrest. From 5:15 PM Monday night to

Final photo before arrest; 6:26 PM, Tuesday August 14
6:26 PM Tuesday, Aug. 14
5:23 PM Monday, Aug. 13
5:22 PM Monday, Aug. 13
5:21 PM Monday, Aug. 13
5:18 PM Monday, Aug. 13
5:17 PM Monday, Aug. 13
5:16 PM Monday, Aug. 13
5:15 PM Monday, Aug. 13

The sheriff’s department is continuing their investigation as of late Thursday.

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  1. I’ve known him for 12 years. This isn’t something he’s even remotely capable of doing. He’s got a crass sense of humor, but otherwise he’s a total teddy bear. If this really happened to her, I truly do feel for her. I know with every fiber of my being, they got the wrong man. You should update the article because the charges were dropped.

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