Marion coke dealer gets 40 years in prison

Pleads Guilty to Avoid the Jury Sitting in the Box

MARION, AR – Freddie Lee Wright, Jr., 38, pleaded guilty today to possession of cocaine with intent to distribute.

On February 26, 2016, West Memphis Police Department conducted a traffic stop on Mr. Wright, and found 25.1 grams of cocaine in his possession.

Wright had been convicted of seven prior felonies and was charged as a habitual offender, which enhanced the punishment range.

A jury was selected for his trial on January 22, but before the trial could proceed, Wright accepted responsibility for his crime and pleaded guilty the next morning. Judge Randy Philhours sentenced him to twenty-five years in the Arkansas Department of Corrections for possession of cocaine with intent to distribute, plus an additional fifteen years due to the habitual offender enhancement, to be served consecutively.

Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Thomas Young handled the case for the State of Arkansas.

“I want to thank Tom Young for his uncompromising pursuit of justice in this case. His determination to put this habitual offender behind bars led directly to this outcome. I also want to thank the West Memphis Police Department for their hard work. I hope Mr. Wright takes this time to reflect upon his choices and makes the effort to rehabilitate himself,” said Second Judicial Prosecuting Attorney Scott Ellington said.

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