Williams Presented Gifts From Clark Contractors

WALNUT RIDGE, Ark. – Clark General Contractors in Walnut Ridge has made two gifts, totaling $2,000, to Williams Baptist College.  One of the gifts is to help fund WBC’s transition to Williams Baptist University, and the other gift is to support the school’s Lawrence County Success Scholarship.

Williams announced in September that it has begun a transition to Williams Baptist University, and a Clark gift of $1,000 will help defray the expenses of that name change.  In coming months, Williams will update its signage, stationery and Internet addresses to reflect the university name.  WBC expects to complete the transition to WBU by July.

Clark is also continuing its support of the Lawrence County Success Scholarship with another $1,000 gift.  The scholarship is awarded yearly to graduates from each of the four high schools in Lawrence County.  The scholarship is renewable, meaning recipients can receive the scholarship each year for up to four years.  The first recipients were awarded this year.

C.L. Clark and Corbet Clark presented the gifts to Dr. Tom Jones, president of Williams.

“Clark General Contractors is a longtime partner and supporter of this institution, so their enthusiasm for Williams Baptist University and its students means a great deal to us.  They are friends of Williams who show their support in a very tangible way, and we appreciate them greatly,” said Williams President Dr. Tom Jones.

Williams is a Christian, liberal arts college in Walnut Ridge.  It will become Williams Baptist University in July.

Story Link: https://williamsbaptistcollege.com/williams-presented-gifts-clark-contractors/

Photo attached: (Left to right) C.L. Clark and Corbet Clark present two gifts to Dr. Tom Jones.


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