Two arrested during wild residential burglary call

JONESBORO, Ark. – A resident of Jonesboro was likely grateful for the quick response time of JPD during what was described as a residential burglary that led to two arrests.

Around 4 p.m. Tuesday afternoon, JPD officers were sent to the 600-block of West Jefferson about a residential burglary in progress. Police arrived to find a vehicle backing up to the house and a woman on the back porch who was suspected of breaking in. Heather Jane Jones, 43, was the ex-girlfriend of the resident, he told police. He said the two were broken up for almost two weeks when she said she wanted her items and was going to break in to get them if he didn't give them back. The man said he told her he was at a doctor in Marion and would get them when he got home but she didn't wait. 

The woman was arrested to be charged with residential burglary.

Meanwhile, the vehicle backed up to the back of the residence was driven by William Toney, 30, of Jonesboro. The officers' reports describe him as noncompliant from the start, with police having to pull him out of the vehicle with guns drawn as he was reaching around the center console. Once on the ground, he began trying to reach into his pants forcing Officer Nathan Ivy to punch him several times to try to force compliance. Toney pulled a glass meth pipe out, Ivy reported, and threw it to the ground and kicked it during the struggle, causing it to bust. Once subdued, police also found a clear plastic baggie containing a white crystal like substance believed to be meth in his right sock. All of the evidence was collected.

Toney then told police he was going to die. He said he swallowed a "bunch of dope." Medic One was called to the scene to take him to the hospital. Toney told EMS personnel he swallowed at least three grams of meth, the report said.

He was transported to St. Bernard's Medical Center. He is expected to be charged with possession of meth, possession of drug paraphernalia, resisting arrest, and tampering with physical evidence.

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