Prosecutor issues statement on slain Newport officer investigation

NEWPORT, Ark. – Third Judicial District Prosecutor Henry Boyce has issued a statement on the investigation into the murder of a Newport police officer.

“Four weeks ago today Lieutenant Patrick Weatherford of the Newport Police Department was tragically killed in the line of duty. The community of Newport and the law enforcement community in general have never suffered a greater loss.

Immediately following the incident dozens of law enforcement agents from all over Northeast Arkansas came to Newport to begin an exhaustive investigation to find the person or persons responsible for Lt. Weatherford’s death.

In the days following the incident the Arkansas State Police initiated an intensive multi-disciplined approach to gathering evidence and involved experts in the field of forensics including the Arkansas Crime Lab as well as the FBI. One hundred percent of the manpower available in Company F of the Criminal Investigative Division of the Arkansas State Police were personally assigned to the case. At least 30 witnesses have been interviewed by investigators already. In the past four weeks several agents have remained on the ground in Newport every day questioning witnesses and following leads to make this case. These efforts continue today.

I would like to reassure the people of this community that I have never seen more effort put into an investigation and that due diligence has been exercised on behalf of all investigative agencies in order to work toward a sound and prudent charging decision based upon evidence, and not conjecture or subjective opinion.

As soon as I feel we have exhausted the extensive leads this case has brought investigators we will make our charging decision known to the public.

Henry Boyce – Third Judicial District Prosecuting Attorney”


  1. So is this boy still sitting in jail? If he hasn’t been charged shouldn’t he be released pending charges? If they have interviewed over 30 people and gathered all forensic evidence then what else are they waiting on? I thought it was illegal to hold someone that long. A month is a long time.

  2. I don’t understand. If someone has admitted committing this crime, why are they still searching or what are they searching for.

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