Same inmate who attacked jailer also hit police with car in May

JONESBORO, Ark. – A violent attack on a Craighead County jailer caught on video Friday, June 9, was not the first time the same suspect had physically injured a law enforcement officer in Jonesboro.

Kendrick L. Morris, 27, of Forrest City, was in Craighead County Detention Center at 1 p.m. Friday, June 9, when he physically assaulted Officer Braden Peaster, even chasing him down the stairs before continuing his attack. The incident report said his response was to the officer telling him not to tamper with his jail cell lock, which was broken. The video shows the discussion going from verbal to physical when Morris began his attack.

However, it wasn’t the first time Morris showed disregard for the safety of a law enforcement officer in Craighead County.

On Thursday, May 18, Morris injured two, including a Jonesboro Police Department officer, at Animal Control on East Highland Drive. The report said the JPD police officer was dragged by the suspect’s vehicle as the suspect fled and the driver of the vehicle struck then struck the animal control officer. After the incident, Jonesboro officers located and arrested Morris for second degree battery, aggravated assault on a certified law enforcement officer and driving with a suspended license.

The Jonesboro police officer was transported to a local hospital for treatment and was later released. He recovered. The animal control officer’s injuries did not require treatment.

Meanwhile, from the later incident, the jailer who was attacked by Morris was said to be doing fine and back working in an update from Craighead County Sheriff Marty Boyd on June 16.

A source close to one of the investigations told NEA Report on condition of anonymity they feared Morris was going to “hurt someone bad.”

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Featured photo from CCDC. Story by Stan Morris.


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