Man accused of pulling butcher knife on two women

JONESBORO, Ark. – A suspect faces an aggravated assault charge on the accusation he pulled a knife during an argument.

Police were dispatched just after noon to 2314 Willow Road at an apartment, where two women, a mother and her daughter, were standing in the yard, the incident report with JPD said. The daughter’s boyfriend, both women told police, had pulled a knife on them and was sitting on the porch. 

Officer Justin Thompson approached the man to find out what was going on. Christopher Jason Blanton, 32, of Jonesboro, said he was arguing with his girlfriend in front of the man’s 12-year-old son. He said he told her he didn’t want to argue in front of his child but the argument ensued. The mother then joined into whatever the verbal disagreement was, siding with her daughter, Blanton said.

The man said the mother began to get into his face so to intimidate her hopefully make her back away, he lunged at her. When he did this, Blanton said his girlfriend grabbed his shirt and began to rip at it – so he grabbed a butcher knife and told them he was going to kill them. He said he was doing so as a scare tactic.

That is a precise definition of aggravated assault.

Blanton was arrested on a charge of felony aggravated assault on a family or household member. He was taken to Craighead County Detention Center.

He posted pond and was released at 5:08 p.m. Wednesday, June 7.

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