WBC fares well in flooding

WALNUT RIDGE, Ark. – Rising flood waters will not impact the Williams Baptist College campus, and the college will continue to operate on its standard schedule, according to WBC officials. As with previous Black River floods, the elevation of the Williams campus keeps it well above the forecasted level of flood waters.

The Black River at Pocahontas is expected to crest later this week at record levels. While it will not impact the operation of WBC, it is expected to impede the ability of some to reach the campus, especially those who live north or west of the college.

Dr. Brad Baine, WBC’s academic dean, said Williams will work with students who are not able to get to class due to the flood.

“The safety of our students is our first priority. If they live in an area that is inaccessible because of flooded roadways, we will accommodate those students and make arrangements with them. They will not be penalized,” said Baine.

The flood will not affect the bulk of Williams students. Over 75 percent of students live on campus, and others who commute to class live in areas that will remain accessible, in spite of the flood.

WBC also has several employees whose route to work is expected to be cut off by flood waters, and the college plans to accommodate those workers, as well.

WBC has experience dealing with such matters, as floods in 2008 and 2011 presented similar challenges. The Black River breached its levees during massive floods in those years, but even at their peak, flood waters remained over a mile away from the Williams campus.

Press Release – Brett Cooper, WBC

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