Walgreens robbery suspect turned himself in

JONESBORO, Ark. – A man police say robbed a Jonesboro Walgreens location late Wednesday is behind bars after turning himself in, a report says, and he faces at least one serious felony.

Andre Thomas Brown, 20, of Jonesboro, was arrested overnight on suspicion of committing the aggravated robbery.

Officers were dispatched at about 8:30 p.m. to 108 East Highland Drive in Jonesboro to Walgreens. A lone officer, Maurice Kinnard, entered the store to find two employees standing near the photo lab area – further from the entrance than the checkout area. The officer approached and the female cashier said she had just been robbed by a man with a gun. Security camera footage caught the suspect in the act – a black male, wearing a tan short-sleeved shirt with blue jeans, black shoes and a red and black backpack. He walked around the store for several minutes, footage showed, until the store cleared out of customers. 

JPDThe suspect then appeared to walk over to the cashier and strike up a conversation for several minutes. Then, in a drastic change, he pulled a black handgun out and pointed it at the cashier, a 22-year-old female, the report said. He demanded money and then ran northbound out of the store.

The suspect ran northbound, so the next stop for police was McDonald’s across Highland Drive, officers reported, where they went next to try to see if the suspect had entered the business. Inside of the men’s bathroom, a set of wet clothes were found someone had changed out of. A red and black Star Wars backpack was also found. They were logged into evidence.

But the story takes an unusual turn at this point.

Dispatch reported receiving a call that a man wanted to turn himself in for the robbery at Walgreens. He was located at McDonald’s but the report indicates this was the location on Red Wolf Boulevard. Officers went to the Red Wolf location and as they walked in, Officer Austin Morgan noticed a man resembling the suspect in the security footage.

“Do you need to speak to me?,” Morgan asked. The suspect, Brown, nodded.

Morgan had him place his hands on the wall and face away, to which he complied. A large stack of cash was in his left hand. The total was $1,070.00 – slightly less than was reported stolen. It was logged into evidence.

While being interviewed by Detective Mike Branscum, Brown reportedly said he turned himself in because he robbed Walgreens and was on probation. He declined to speak further after being read a statement of his rights, the report concludes.

Brown was arrested and transported to Craighead County Detention Center on a felony aggravated robbery charge. He was booked in at 1 a.m., the jail reported.

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