Craighead County Clerk’s Office Processes Odd-Year Election Mailer

JONESBORO, Ark. – The Craighead County Clerk’s Office has completed and processed the biannual odd-year mailer as required under state and federal law. The law requires that a mailer be processed for all registered voters who have had no voter activity in one or two federal election cycles.

There are two types of cards that an individual may receive, an address confirmation or a cancellation card. During the 2017 mailer a total of 14,334 confirmation and cancellation cards were processed. These cards were mailed today and affected registrants will receive one in the coming weeks.

• Individuals who have had no activity in one federal election cycle will receive an address confirmation mailer which will be blue in color. If you receive one of these cards you will be marked as inactive in the voting system but retain voting rights as long as voter activity is received before the next federal election cycle. If you fill out this card and return it to us you will be placed back on an active status as this counts as voter activity. A total of 7,636 confirmation mailers were processed during this cycle.


• Individuals who have had no activity in two federal election cycles will receive a cancellation mailer which will be yellow in color. If you receive one of these cards you will be marked as removable in the voting system and be required to re-register to vote unless this card is filled out and returned to us. Once this card is received by the County Clerk’s office the affected individual will be reactivated and updated in our system. A total of 6,698 cancellation mailers were processed during this cycle.


This year’s totals continue to decline from the previous two mail outs in 2013 where 20,922 mailers were processed and in 2015 when 15,058 mailers were processed. This is due in large part to the increased turnout during the 2016 cycle and cleaner data being maintained.

If you receive either of these cards it is extremely important for you to fill out and return this card to us as postage is already paid. If you have any questions about this please feel free to contact our voter department at 870-933-4520 and ask to speak to anyone in voter registration and they will be happy to assist.

Press Release – Craighead County Clerk’s Office

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