No turn signal leads to meth arrest

JONESBORO, Ark. – Police had several cases of traffic stops which became drug arrests on Friday and this one involved a syringe containing crystal methamphetamine.

The traffic stop in subject began at about 11:12 p.m. Friday night, when Officer Erik Johnson with Jonesboro Police Department was approaching the intersection of State Street and East Johnson Avenue when he observed a black Dodge Durango turn east on Johnson from State without using a turn signal, the incident report says.

The officer asked for IDs and identified the driver as Mark Coleman, 44, and Nicole Gibson, 29, both of Bono. Coleman consented to a search of the vehicle and Gibson then consented to a search of her person. 

Inside of the vehicle, police found a purse in the passenger floorboard area. Inside of it were prescriptions for Nicole Gibson, along with two loaded syringes containing a clear liquid suspected to be methamphetamine. A field test showed positive results for meth.

Coleman, on parole, was placed under arrest for a parole hold along with two charges of non-payment of fines, hazardous driving and no proof of insurance. Gibson was arrested for felony possession of drugs and paraphernalia. Both were taken to Craighead County Detention Center.

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