Facebook ‘friend’ of child turns out to be perverted adult

JONESBORO, Ark. – A child accepted a random Facebook friend request from someone with mutual friends who in turn sent a naked photo to her while she was in school.

Nettleton Junior High School faculty contacted Jonesboro Police Department on Wednesday about the situation. A 12-year-old student reported being on the bus on the way to school that way when she received a Facebook notification that “Stylo Kinza” had sent her a private message.

The girl said she didn’t know the man personally, but accepted the friend request because of two mutual friends in common. Once she did, she began to receive messages from the individual.

“Hello,” the first message said. She didn’t reply. Then, he tried to video chat with her. She declined.

“Get on video,” the individual messaged. She declined a second video chat request.

Then, she received a naked photo of a man from the waist down.

Not wanting to get in trouble at school, the girl said she deleted the image but not before someone next to her on the bus saw it and reported it to school officials. The child blocked the person on Facebook.

The photo was believed to be an original picture taken from a cell phone selfie.

JPD is investigating the case as a felony.

(Note: Photo may not be of the suspect profile)

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