Guns and drugs found by street crimes unit

JONESBORO, Ark. – The Jonesboro Police Department Street Crimes Unit found their target Thursday and it involved both guns and drugs.

Authorities were looking for Yamiah McFarland, 24, of Jonesboro, at apartments at 307 Melrose. Police arrived and were told she was in the bedroom. As they entered the apartment, they observed a digital scale, a box of sandwich baggies and a marijuana grinder on the coffee table in open view.

That’s when Terrance Kentrall Williams, 31, of Jonesboro exited the bedroom area. He was immediately arrested for known warrants through JPD.

Next, McFarland was found on the edge of the bed in a bedroom, with marijuana and pills on the floor next to the bed. She was arrested at that time. Police also observed Kentrall Dewayne Williams, 30, of Jonesboro, hiding behind the bed. He, too, was taken into custody.

Arrests continued as more authorities arrived. Devins Smith, 18, of Jonesboro, was taken into custody and searched, with marijuana found on him. A small loaded gun was also recovered.


A male identified as Jacob Demetrius Brown, 21, of Jonesboro, was located in the residence. He was searched, with suspected methamphetamine being found on his person.

Kwame Ratrale Williams, who had active warrants through JPD, was found but was given a court date through citation and released, as he was not involved in the case, per police.

A search warrant was signed by District Judge Tommy Fowler and authorities canvassed the home, finding evidence and taking photographs.


McFarland was cited on 19 charges of non-payment of fines, along with bench warrants for forgery and violation of suspended sentence.

Kentrall was cited on 16 charges of non-payment of fines, non-completion of drug offender class and failure to appear for domestic violence class. Police said he also admitted to a rifle in the residence being his, along with Oxycodone pills. He faces simultaneous possession of drugs and firearms along with possession charges.

Brown faces a felony drug charge.


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