Early voting for run-off elections begin

JONESBORO, Ark. – While many felt the election cycle was completed on November 8, several races are still yet to be decided on the local level and early voting for those begins today.

The Craighead County Clerk’s Office and the Lake City Hall will be where voters in Craighead County will early vote. In most counties, the clerk’s office will be the central location to early vote in.

Early voting takes place Nov. 22, 23 and 28.

Craighead Runoff Elections

Black Oak:Daniel Carmichael or Tim Jones for Position 1.

Brookland: Melinda Burcham or Martin Crain for Ward 3, Position 1.

Jonesboro: Terry Sharp or Gene Vance for Ward 2, Position 2.

Monette: Tracey Yates Thompson or Kristian Nuckles for Ward 1, Position 2.


In Craighead County, Kade Holliday made a live video on Facebook showing how easy the process will be, from parking all the way inside. 

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