BBQ Festival street/parking lot closing schedule

JONESBORO, Ark. – Parking lots will begin to close in Downtown Jonesboro on Thursday night as preparations for the BBQ Festival begin.

Here is a list of closings:

Union from Huntington to Washington, about 8 a.m. Friday

Monroe from Union to Justice Complex, about 6 p.m. Thursday

Madison from Huntington to Washington, about 6 p.m. Thursday

City-owned parking lot at Huntington and Union, Thursday night

City-owned parking lot on Union Thursday evening as vehicles leave for the day

Lot behind Police barracks, 6 p.m. Thursday.


City-owned parking lot at Main and Monroe close at 6 p.m. Wednesday until Monday morning.

Main Street and Huntington between Union and Church, Monroe (Church to Union) Burke/Cate (Union to Main), will close midnight Friday and remain closed until 11:30 a.m. Sunday.

Frequently Asked Questions about the BBQ Fest (from the Downtown Jonesboro BBQ Festival FB page)

What time does event start (or a particular band)?
Event kicks off around 3pm officially. The bbq contest will actually begin that morning. First bands take stage at 3pm. We encourage everyone to come early. If you plan to wait until 6 or 7 to come you will not get a good spot. Our event is standing room and is first come first served.

Will there be a meet and greet with Bret?
No. Not to the public. There will just be way to many people to accommodate such a task. Not to mention the inherent safety issues involved.

Can we bring chairs?
Yes. However, we can not guarantee the people in front of you will do the same. “Most” people stand during concerts.

Can food vendors still sign up?
No, the deadline for this year has passed.

Will there be bbq available.
YES! And lots of it, as well as some other tasty treats. We have some great food vendors this year as well as some of the best restaurants Jonesboro has to offer in Downtown Jonesboro!

What does the event cost?
This event is 100% free. No admission, no gate charge…. Free. The food, however is not. Thanks to all our sponsors. Without them this event would not be possible.

What else is there to do?
We have lots of arts and craft vendors that will be there showcasing their work. We will have a kids play area sponsored by Hijinx. We have a car show. Live music, arts in the park with FOA, 5K run etc etc. There is a lot going on during the day. It will be a fun time for all ages.

Where do we park?
Good question! LOL. Basically find a place. There are several free parking lots located in the area but don’t be surprised if you have to park and walk. Our event draws a lot of people so parking is always an issue. We will post up a map soon that shows the traffic pattern and event map with parking lots.

Can we get some bbq from the Contestants?
No. The BBQ contestants cannot sell bbq from the grill. That is a health code violation. However, there is nothing stopping them from providing samples of their food. We do not require them to participate with this. These guys are down there to win and some just dont have the time or desire to cook a bunch of extra food. But I’m certain there will be a few that will be giving samples.

Can we bring coolers?
No. Craighead county is a dry county, first and foremost. And because of the number of expected attendees, I don’t think there will be much room for coolers. There will be plenty of places to get drinks and food.

This should cover most of the common questions. Please feel free to reach out to us if we missed something. We are looking forward to one of our best events yet! See you next week!

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