John Thomison wins Lawrence County Judge nomination

WALNUT RIDGE, Ark. – In 2017, the Lawrence County Judge will be John Thomison.

It all went down Thursday night at a jam-packed Lawrence County Courthouse. Winning the Democratic nomination 156 to 106 against widow of late County Judge Dale Freeman, Mary Freeman, Thomison became the only eligible person in the contest in November. Even though ballots will say Dale Freeman, the vote will register for Thomison. No write-in votes will be accepted and no Republican candidates filed, meaning Thomison will be the county judge in 2017.

However, correcting an earlier mistake in information provided to NEA Report, Thomison will be able to run for reelection, since he was a replacement nominee. Replacement/interim county judge appointments may not run for reelection.

An interim county judge must still be appointed. The Lawrence County Quorum Court will meet Tuesday to decide who will take over.

Check out this exclusive interview with Thomison, following the nomination victory. Questions are being asked by friend of NEA Report,’s George Jared.


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