Back to school traffic accidents addressed by city

Press Release – Bill Campbell, City of Jonesboro

Motorists are adjusting to back-to-school traffic, and City of Jonesboro first responders worked 10 auto accidents Tuesday morning. While most of the fender benders were related to rain, city leaders remind residents that children are back on the streets in the mornings and afternoons.

“This is not unusual for the first week of school, but we like to remind our citizens to be extra careful on their morning commutes when school starts up,” Mayor Harold Perrin said. “It’s a little change in routine that might catch them off guard until they get used to it.”

For the rest of the week, extra Jonesboro Police officers have been assigned to morning shifts.

“We do a heavy concentration around routes to schools the first week so traffic can get accustomed to the change,” Police Chief Rick Elliott said. “Our School Resource Officers work traffic at each school, and our daily patrol shifts will be in the areas around schools.”

State law makes it illegal to use a cellphone in any manner while driving in a school or construction zone. It is a secondary violation, meaning a ticket will only be written in the event of another violation, such as speeding.

“Along with the state police, that’s the big thing we’re pushing this year,” E-911 Director Jeff Presley said. “You won’t get stopped for it, but if you are stopped, you can be ticketed.”

Jonesboro Fire Department finished inspections of all schools last week, Chief Kevin Miller said. “We go through all classrooms, make sure the exits are unlocked, the cooking facilities are in order, and the alarm systems work,” he said.

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