The Daily Show interviews Craighead County JP

JONESBORO, Ark. – A Craighead County Justice of the Peace was an unwitting subject of comedy in a recent national television segment, which described her comments as “accidental racism.”

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, a comedic news television show on Comedy Central, sent a correspondent, Hasan Minhaj, to the Republican National Convention who interviewed several about who they hate.

The interviews were apparently random and did not identify those who were speaking, but one of the featured responses came from an unidentified woman, known locally as Craighead County Justice of the Peace for district four, Billie Sue Hoggard.

“No, I don’t hate anybody,” Hoggard begins the video saying. “Except. Uh. I really don’t hate anybody.”

Minhaj follows up.

“So you would say you love Muslims?” Minhaj asks.

Hoggard, the chair of the Craighead County Republican Committee, according to her profile, continued.

“I do. Are you a Muslim?” Hoggard replies. He nods yes. “I love you.”

She then laughs, as does the studio audience.

However, she continues to be featured in the video, shared by Comedy Central’s The Daily Show on Facebook and on their Website.

“Even their accidental racism was kind of adorable,” Minhaj says, in narration of the video.

His description was followed by Hoggard’s quote.

“I’m just glad you’re…a good one,” Hoggard says.

The studio audience reacts to the statement with shock and laughter.

The Facebook video concludes at this point. It was shared on The Daily Show’s page here, accumulating just under 1 million views. 13,000 Facebook users clicked a reaction on the video, with 10,000 liking it and 2,300 clicking the laughing icon. It features Hoggard almost entirely, from the opening to the close of the video.

The full video, titled “Muslims Prepare for Donald Trump Presidency,” can be viewed here, on Comedy Central’s Website.

Because the video did not identify Hoggard, it had not become locally noticed until she shared it Saturday, Aug. 6. She shared the video on her Facebook profile to her friends, of which one was an NEA Reporter.

Hoggard told her Facebook friends only part of her interview was shown in the video. NEA Report reached out for an official reply and will publish it when it is received.

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