Informant buys, sheriff busts in sting operation

MARMADUKE, Ark. – A sting operation ended with a suspected drug dealer under arrest in Greene County, north of Marmaduke, Thursday.

Greene County Sheriff’s Department deputies Randy Sipes and Mike Ryles, along with Sheriff David Carter, conducted a narcotic buy-bust operation Thursday at the Harvey’s Chapel Cemetery, north of Marmaduke in rural Greene County. With the help of a confidential informant, wired to record the transaction, authorities staked out the cemetery from all angles and planned the bust.

As authorities laid in wait, the suspected drug dealer arrived a red 2008 Chevrolet Silverado (truck), according to the incident report. From an undercover car, the officers watched the suspect vehicle turn into the cemetery and listened with anticipation as the arranged drug buy went down. With the informant and the suspect meeting in the back of the cemetery, the report says, the undercover operative received three eight-balls of crystal methamphetamine.

This was when the informant gave the signal.

Captain Sipes, Lieutenant Ryles, in an undercover vehicle, and Sheriff Carter in his

Faries. Source: GCSD

vehicle all converged on the suspect. Michael Harvey Faries, 64, of Lafe, was taken into custody without incident.

Police recovered three corner-cut baggies from the informant, who told authorities the suspect had given him the meth just prior to the officers arriving. The money had not yet exchanged hands. A bag of marijuana was also found on the door handle of the suspect’s driver side door, upon arrival.

In total, the bags of meth weighed 11.6 grams.

Faries faces felony charges including delivery of meth, and a possession charge for the marijuana. He was transported to the Greene County Jail.

meth photo
The drugs recovered from the sting operation. Source: GCSD

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