NEA Fairgrounds sold to Nettleton Baptist Church

JONESBORO, Ark. – The NEA District Fairgrounds has a new owner: Nettleton Baptist Church.

The church closed on the property at 7001 E. Johnson Avenue Wednesday afternoon, according to a press release.

The property has six buildings, including an 115,000 square foot exhibit building and nearly 78-acres of land, the release said. The purchase price was $6,650,000.

The projected cost to renovate the exhibit building is $2,500,000.

Meanwhile, Nettleton Baptist said it has sold its current property at E. Nettleton and Thorn St. to the Fullness of Joy Ministries for $2,750,000. Nettleton Baptist will continue to worship at the current facility until the renovations are complete at the new facility.

The goal is for the new campus to be in operation by the year-end of 2016, the church website says.

Nettleton Baptist also has 22-acres of land for sale at Farville Curve on E. Johnson to help off-set the cost of the new property. The church also intends to have a stewardship campaign to receive support for the project.

The Nettleton Baptist Church Deacons and Trustees plan to allow the NEA District Fair to use the property this September if they choose to do so.

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  1. This church is a good church to go to the paster stan retired and they are looking for another good paster.

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