Jonesboro Business Faces Financial Mess as Suspect Allegedly Forges Checks

A Jonesboro business was left scrambling to fix a financial mess last week after a suspect allegedly forged several checks.

One of the forgeries was reported to JPD on June 2, according to the police report. Between 4:16 PM on June 1 and shortly before 2 PM on June 2, a forged check was written in the amount of $2,900 against Ellis Core Recycling, located at 2010 Distributor Drive in Jonesboro. The check was successfully processed. Fortunately, the business owner noticed the fraudulent activity and promptly contacted the bank to close the account and recover the funds. However, this process consumed valuable time that could have been used for other business matters.

“I’m having to contact twenty-plus vendors, utilities, and business credit cards and give them new account info,” said Business Owner Cricket Ellis in an interview with NEA Report.

Ellis added that the forged checks didn’t even look anything like his standard series of checks he has written.

The suspect did not stop at one attempt. Another forged check, amounting to $2,800, was made at a branch in Little Rock. However, the second attempt was unsuccessful.

On the same day, a 73-year-old woman reported falling victim to several forgeries. In this case, three checks totaling $3,500 were forged.

If you have any information about this or any other crimes, contact JPD.

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