Police find evidence of gunfire; Fleeing man caught after pants fall down; More reports released Friday and Monday by JPD

Police worked a range of incidents as last week ended and Labor Day rolled around.

Vehicle break-ins:

  • Early Thursday, 1600-block of Latourette Lane; Firearm and items stolen from vehicle
  • Early Thursday, 4300-block of Makala; Unlocked vehicles entered, property stolen
  • Late Wednesday/Early Thursday, 600-block of Windrew; Purse stolen from unlocked vehicle
  • Sometime Friday at the 5900-block of Rees Road, vehicle entered unlawfully and items stolen, including credit card
  • Between 9/1 and 9/4, someone broke into a vehicle at the 4700-block of Wildwood Lane and stole a firearm
  • Between Friday night and Saturday morning, a vehicle window was busted out on Miller Street and items stolen including credit cards
  • Between Friday night and Saturday morning, two vehicles were unlawfully entered at the 1400-block of Belt Street, with thefts occurring.
  • Between 9/1 and 9/4, a vehicle was broken into at the 1100-block of East Johnson; Car audio equipment was taken from the trunk

Reports released Friday:

A woman was arrested Thursday morning at the 300-block of South Culberhouse with a felony warrant through Oklahoma; Venissa Josephine Payne, 39, was arrested and found to have a meth pipe as well, authorities said.

A school contacted authorities after a 7-year-old child was found with physical signs that concerned them. Fox Meadow notified authorities after learning the child was struck in the center of the back with a belt, the report filed Thursday afternoon said. 

Sometime between March 1 and September 3, a residential burglary occurred at the 5900-block Southwest Drive.

Suspects took appliances from a rental after moving out of it, a report filed Thursday afternoon said. It could constitute felony theft and was being investigated.

A report investigating aggravated assault was filed after 3 PM Thursday at the 2100-block of Fair Park Boulevard, but no details were visible in the report about the alleged crime. 

A robbery was reported Thursday night at the 800-block of Creath Avenue. The alleged victim said a light-skinned black male with a red scarf, white shirt, black sweat pants, and white shoes had threatened to pistol whip him and took $65 he had in his hand. The suspect had tear drop tattoos under both eyes and tattoos on both arms. The suspect had black hair and a goatee and was about 5’8″ and 150 pounds. The alleged victim somehow knew the man’s street name was “Terrace” but didn’t know his real name – and would not fill out a statement with police or even give his own name. The investigation stalled due to this.

Reports released Monday:

A terroristic threatening report, felony, was filed just before 9 AM Friday at the 200-block of Pecan Street. The suspect allegedly threatened to shoot the victim.

A suspect is alleged to have stolen lawn care equipment (over $1000, a felony) from the 1300-block of West Matthews between Thursday and Friday morning in Jonesboro. Several leaf blowers, trimmers, and a lawn mower were stolen.

Criminals caused significant damage to a residence on Plantation Oaks Lane between August 31 and September 4, a report filed Friday morning said. Over $5000 in damage was estimated to have been caused by vandals who threw paint everywhere, as the officer noted. The suspects face several serious felonies.

The Drug Task Force made an arrest of a parole absconder who had two felony warrants Friday morning. Terrance Cortez Williams, 28, and Tyrone Clay Williams, 29, both of Jonesboro, were arrested during the encounter. Court records show both have a bond set at $250,000. Charges included possession of meth with intent to deliver, possession of other drugs with intent to deliver, and possession of drugs and firearms.

A man was arrested for jumping in a woman’s vehicle and driving off, netting him multiple felony theft charges, around noon Friday at the 4800-block of East Johnson Avenue. Richard Lane, 34, of Trumann, was arrested. His bond was set at $75,000, detention center records showed Tuesday.

Pants on the Ground

A suspect who attempted to flee from officers was caught when his pants fell down, a report filed Friday in Jonesboro said.

Officers with the Street Crimes Unit responded Friday afternoon to the 800-block of West Huntington to attempt to locate Machandy Mason, 26, of Jonesboro, the report said. During this, Mason was placed into custody.

However, a second man, Akia Alfonso Rashad Thomas,, 29, of Tampa, Florida, resisted officers, the report said. As they told him to stand up to search the car, Thomas fled – and was apprehended 30 yards into the pursuit because his pants fell down. Thomas was placed into custody.

Meth, ecstasy, cash, pot, and a gun with ammo were located during the incident.

Mason’s bond was set at $200,000. Thomas had a $450,000 bond set. Both face simultaneous possession of drugs/guns charges. Mason also faces a charge for financial identity fraud.

A suspect allegedly bought a vehicle using a forged cashiers check and second forged check, a report Friday afternoon in Jonesboro said. It happened the day before at Starks Auto Plaza, 2829 Red Wolf Boulevard. Johni Danielle Smullins, 42, was identified as the alleged suspect in the case. 

A Dominos Pizza employee is under investigation for cancelling orders and then keeping the money, an issue that has spanned several weeks, the report said. Justice Dunaway, 23, of Jonesboro, was the suspect in the report. 

Police investigated an incident involving gunshots being fired at the 4000-block of East Nettleton and found shell casings, a report filed around 6 PM Friday said.

A residential burglary was reported around 5 AM Saturday morning at the 1300-block of Flint Street.

A work truck belonging to Nettleton Concrete was reported stolen between the night before and 6:30 AM Saturday from the 2900-block of South Caraway Road.

There have been a large number of license plate thefts being reported recently in Jonesboro, including over the weekend.

A residential burglary was reported between Friday night and Saturday night at the 3100-block of Fairview Drive.

Around 11 PM Saturday night, a call reported shots heard in the area of Industrial and Nettleton, Responding officers found nine 5.56 shell casings in the area.

About 11:20 PM Saturday, a residential burglary report was made at the 200-block of East Word Avenue. An alleged victim said the suspect, who was arrested, entered her home through a damaged window and assaulted her. April Lynn Burnett, 23, of Jonesboro, was arrested.

A suspect was arrested for allegedly pulling a gun on a victim and then threatening her with it, a report early Sunday said. Reginald Alfonso Lewis, 52, of Jonesboro, faces felony charges that include aggravated assault and terroristic threatening after the early morning incident at the 3400-block of Sun Avenue on Sunday.

More catalytic converter thefts were discovered Sunday evening by Nettleton Intermediate Center bus supervisors. The thefts happened between August 31 and September 6. 

A residential burglary was reported between Saturday and Sunday at the 1100-block of Links Circle, where two televisions were stolen. 



  1. It’s a shame that criminal activity is so totally out of control in Jonesboro, but I don’t understand why people don’t lock their cars and why they leave anything valuable in them (especially guns), locked or not. Everyone I know has had their car or home broken into and it’s hard to believe people don’t know it’s going on. Look at all the sociopaths with guns in town now. Pray for everyone’s safety, especially for the police officers who have to deal with gun violence every day of the week.

  2. You don’t hear about it because the cops/city are the ones who’s trying to keep it quiet they know if people really knew how bad the crime really is here no one would come here. Whoever is elected mayor I hope the first thing they do is try to make Jonesboro safe again.

    • You are so right, Jay. If it’s not happening to the mayor or one of them guys like that nothing gets done and everything is just getting worse and worse. We need people tough on crime and not the liberal jerks who only care aobut themselves and sucking up all the tax dollars they can get.

  3. Crime is growing all over America and Jonesboro is no exception. Sad thing is its just going to get worse no matter how many police they put on the job. More people carry weapons now than 50 years ago because they feel the police won’t or can’t protect them. We very well could see a civil war type outbreak in America soon because people will only be pushed so far.

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