No charges to be filed in Emerald’s Triangle shooting of a robber

JONESBORO, Ark. – Scott Ellington’s office has been busy these past several days.

With his third press release in 24 hours, the 2nd Judicial District Prosecutor said a grand jury returned a decision to dismiss charges against the defendant.

Here is the letter.

Dear Sheriff Boyd:

On Wednesday, December 12th, prosecutors presented evidence to a grand jury which was collected by the Craighead County Sheriff’s Department during the investigation of the shooting of robbery suspect Billy Carl Raines on September 20, 2018 at the Emerald Triangle Vape Shop on Hwy 49 at Goobertown. Investigators Ron Richardson and Charles Garr gave extensive testimony at this session of the grand jury. The result was the grand jury returned a decision of “No True Bill” against the store clerk who shot Raines.

No True Bill is a legal procedure to dismiss charges against a defendant when the grand jury does not find enough evidence to charge the defendant with violating a criminal law.

Therefore, the matter involving the shooting at the Emerald Triangle Vape Shop at Goobertown where Billy Carl Raines was shot and killed by the store clerk is now closed without charges.

We commend the outstanding investigative work of your investigators, and I always appreciate the fine assistance I receive from you and your deputies.

Scott Ellington Second Judicial District Prosecuting Attorney

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