Police alleged mother put baby in scalding water, then dryer

HARRISBURG, Ark. – A woman is being charged with second degree murder in the death of her 1-month-old baby who was found inside of a dryer in her home in the Pitts community.

Tyra Neal, 25, of Cash, appeared before a judge in Poinsett County on Thursday and had her bond set at $1 million. Her infant daughter, Caseleigh, was found dead on Tuesday after investigators described an unspeakable scene.

The Jonesboro Sun reported Poinsett County Detective William Holmes described what he believed had happened before a judge Thursday at Neal’s probable cause hearing. Police think Neal put the child in scalding hot water because she had diarrhea. The baby was then put in the dryer.

Investigators said she told them a 2-year-old placed the baby in the dryer. She also allegedly said she may have placed the child in scalding hot water due to the child’s digestive issues.

A search of the home yielded no drugs. There were at least four other children living in the home who were reportedly taken into Arkansas Department of Human Services custody.

Another man, Cody McKellar, 24, of Cash, was initially arrested for first-degree endangering the welfare of a minor. WREG reports he is the father of the child. He is still being investigated, Sheriff Kevin Molder said, but his probable cause hearing has not yet been held.

The Sun said Neal cried at her hearing and shook her head at the court hearing. A public defender was appointed.

Poinsett County Sheriff’s Office and the Arkansas State Police continue to investigate this troubling case.


  1. I hope these people spend an eternity in hell being scalded with boiling water and then put into the clothes dryer.
    The mother’s facebook profile had a fundraiser on it at Christmas time urging people to be “less selfish” and to help those in need. I guess they needed that meth.

  2. We would demand a rabid pet be put down. These sick pukes should be taken behind the jail, and given a Louisville Slugger send off.

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