Uber makes first official ride in Jonesboro

JONESBORO, Ark. – At about 9:45 a.m. Tuesday morning, Mitch Mahan gave the first official Uber ride in Jonesboro history.

Sure, passengers have been able to request an Uber driver through the Memphis hub, many of which were located in NEA, but this is the beginning of Uber’s official entry into the Jonesboro market.

“We drove from the Hilton Garden Inn to Murdock’s Catfish and back,” Mahan said. “Uber is now live.” 

His passenger was Tom Villaverde – not coincidentally, the Uber Greenlight Coordinator.

“He’s here signing people up and testing the system,” Mahan said. “He tips well.”

While his normal job is a voice of THE BIG 107.9 KFIN, Mahan plans to make extra cash by getting riders around town. He said everyone in the darker area of the map (below) can use the Uber app to get a ride, as long as a driver is in the area.


A free $20 credit is available for anyone who wants to take their first ride.  Click here to claim. 

To apply to be a driver click here.

Photos from Mitch Mahan; Featured photo photo depicts Villaverde (left) and Mahan during the first official Uber ride in Jonesboro.

Story by Stan Morris | NEA Report

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