K9 finds meth inside car

JONESBORO, Ark. – A Jonesboro canine officer has been staying busy lately.

The K9 Cash, along with his handler, JPD Officer Heath Loggains, made his latest discovery at the intersection of Red Wolf and Access. At 12:30 a.m. on Thursday, July 20, the trained police dog indicated something was on the driver’s side of Brittney Lemmons, 34, of Monette. 

At the same time the dog was searching the vehicle, Brittney was talking to Officer Bryan Davis. She and her husband Christopher, were both ran through dispatch. Numerous drug charges in their recent past were found, the report said. The female was displaying twitchiness, scratching and an inability to stand still, said the report, which are signs of recent meth use.

A small plastic baggie containing meth was found in the vehicle. Brittney claimed it was hers and was also found to have multiple meth pipes, a tooter straw and two white pills on her – identified as Clonazepam.

She was arrested and taken to Craighead County Detention Center on felony charges of possession of meth and drug paraphernalia and misdemeanor possession for the pills.

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